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Updated: March 4, 2023

The 5 Best Infrared Thermometers To Get Your Pizza Temperature Right

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Are you looking for the best infrared thermometers for your pizza ovens? Well, we have rounded up the top five that will help you make the best pizza ever. Getting that temperature just right is truly a science, and the best way to measure it these days is with a directionally-focused infrared thermometer.

best infrared thermometers for pizza ovens
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Every home pizzaiolo knows that a hot oven is the secret weapon to making excellent pizza. Oven temperature is an essential piece of the puzzle of how to make the best pizza. The best pizza ovens have the capacity to reach a high temperature of around 900º F to quickly cook a pizza in approximately 90 seconds.

Many of these pizza ovens require a little time to preheat, and having an infrared thermometer helps to know precisely the right temperature to let you know when to slide the pizza into the oven.

An infrared thermometer is another pizza accessory that every home pizza chef needs. If you have never purchased an infrared thermometer, we are here to help. We have done our research and want to help you learn about this pizza-making tool and how to choose the best one for your pizza oven.

What is an Infrared Thermometer?

Let’s start by explaining what exactly is an infrared thermometer. An Infrared thermometer, sometimes called a laser thermometer or temperature gun, is a thermometer that measures temperature from a distance.

It can measure temperature by using a lens that reflects the infrared thermal radiation onto a detector. The radiation is then converted to an electric signal that can be displayed as the temperature on the thermometer’s screen. It’s science at its best.

Why Does a Pizzaiolo Need an Infrared Thermometer? 

best infrared thermometers to get homemade pizza just right
Photo by Nik Owens on Unsplash

Anyone can use an infrared thermometer. You just need to point the thermometer at the surface you want to measure and press the button to read the temperature. Many infrared thermometers even have a laser that helps you aim at your target.

An infrared thermometer is a versatile type of pizza oven thermometer. It’s portable and can measure hot surface temperature from a distance. But it’s important to remember that infrared thermometers only measure the floor temperature of your oven and not the air around it.

Infrared thermometers are perfect for any pizza oven. Obviously, they are important for a wood-fired brick pizza oven, but they are also great for smaller, portable pizza ovens and pizza stones for your grill. In addition, they are good for checking the temperature of your pizza peel.

Things to Consider When Buying an Infrared Thermometer 

When choosing the best infrared thermometers for your oven, you should consider the following to ensure you make the best choice for your type of pizza oven.

  • Temperature Range
  • Quick Response Time
  • High Precision or Accuracy
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Good Distance to Spot Ratio

Based on these criteria and extensive research, we have put together a list of the five best infrared thermometers on the market to make your search for the perfect one easier.

Top Five Best Infrared Thermometers for Homemade Pizza

best infrared thermometer fluke 59 max

Fluke 59 Max Infrared Thermometer


If you are familiar with this company, then you know that Fluke is known for its quality measuring equipment. With an accuracy of 1.5% or 2°F, you get consistent baking temperatures.

It’s also easy to use and read the temperature quickly. All you need to do is to aim the laser at the surface and press the trigger. A second later, the temperature shows up on the screen.

The only drawback is the price. At $89, it may not fit the average home chef’s budget. But if you have professional pizzaiola goals, you might want to consider this an investment.

Power Source: One AA battery (included)

best infrared thermometers etekcity

Etekcity 1022D IR Dual Laser Temperature Gun


The Dual Laser Temperature Gun by Etekcity provides accurate temperature readings from a distance. Its 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio saves you from losing your eyebrows by getting too close to extremely hot pizza ovens.

It boasts a backlit LCD screen and is easy to adjust. It has an extensive temperature range from -58 to 1022º F, making it an excellent choice. And this amazing tool comes in at an affordable price of just over $20.

Power Source: One 9V battery (included)

best infrared thermometers sovarcate

Sovarcate Infrared Thermometer


This is one of the best infrared thermometers for pizzaiolos on a budget and it’s an excellent choice for a home pizzaiolo. It comes with a visible laser that makes it easy to see where you’re measuring the temperature and a large, high-definition screen for easy reading. It measures temperatures between -58 to 1112°F, or -50 – 600°C, which is perfect for measuring pizza steel and the oven.

Power Source: Two AAA batteries (included)

best infrared thermometers maverick

Maverick Laser Surface Thermometer


The Maverick Laser Surface Thermometer is a temperature gun that gives instant readings from up to five feet away. It has a trigger-activated sensor with a laser pointer for accuracy.

The four buttons on this thermometer make it easy to change settings and control the back-light laser, readout format, and modes. It read temperatures between -44 and 1022º F, making it an excellent choice for all types of pizza ovens. It’s a little more pricey option for the serious pizzaiolo.

Power Source: Two AAA batteries (included)

best infrared thermometers kizen

KIZEN Infrared Thermometer


The Kizen thermometer is an excellent investment. It is durable construction and has a user-friendly design. Its temperature range is from -58º F to 1112º F. It has a laser and allows you to adjust the emissivity.

You can choose between measuring in Fahrenheit or Celsius units. The auto-off feature saves battery energy and lasts for a longer time. It’s the perfect low price for your home pizza-making station.

Power Source: Two AAA batteries (included)

So there it is, these are our top five picks for the best infrared thermometers for pizza ovens. And we speak from experience when it comes to making our homemade pizzas a truly scientific endeavor. Getting your pizza oven‘s temperature just right really ups your game.

Which one is your favorite?

One of our Favorites

Kaiweets’ Apollo 7 was personally reviewed by us and found to be an excellent yet affordable option when it comes to no contact infrared thermometers. It comes with a faux leather case, two AAA batteries to get started, and a helpful user manual if needed. The measurements were fast and accurate, just what we needed!

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