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Updated: April 13, 2022
homemade pizza accessories for making delicious pizza at home
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When it comes to making pizza at home, you need some skills, some experience, and most importantly, some pizza accessories.

The skills and experience take time and practice, but the right accessories are easy to find and can help you make a perfect pizza at home. Impress your friends and family with your pizza-making skills and look like a professional pizzaiolo with the right tools.

If you are serious about homemade pizza, you need these five pizza accessories to help you step up your pizza game. Trust us, they are worth the investment!

Essential Homemade Pizza Accessories

1. Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is one of the most important homemade pizza accessories. A pizza stone is made from ceramic and is the best way to cook a pizza at home. Pizza stones are porous and absorb the heat, so your pizza crust cooks evenly every time. 

Pizza stones can be used on the oven or the grill. If you plan to use your pizza stone on both the oven and grill, make sure to get a pizza stone made for the grill. All pizza stones are made for the oven, but only some can handle the intense heat of the grill.

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog comparing pizza stones to baking steels, pizza stones are easy to care for and don’t need soap. Just wipe them down, and that’s it. They are similar to cast iron pans in that they will season over time, so soap is a definite no on a pizza stone. 

When you get a good pizza stone and properly care for it, it can last a very long time. 

2. Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a necessary tool if you are serious about making pizza at home. Pizza peels provide a way to put the pizza in the oven without it breaking apart. Think of a pizza peel as a delivery system for your pizza. You can build your pizza right on the peel and transfer it to the grill, oven, or pizza stone without losing the toppings or integrity of the crust. 

Pizza peels are made out of wood or metal. They come with either long or short handles. It depends on your needs as to which you will choose. Wooden pizza peels are the classic peel and look great on your kitchen wall when not in use. However, they are a bit thicker and require more maintenance because they can warp and stain easily. But they look cool, I know.

A metal pizza peel is the easiest to work with. Metal pizza peels are thin and come in long and short handles. Metal peels are easy to use and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for the home chef.

Whichever type of peel you choose, there are some basic tips for using them. Always use flour or cornmeal on the peel before laying down the dough, so the dough doesn’t stick. Once the dough is on the peel, give the peel a little shake to ensure it doesn’t stick. Add sauce, cheese, and toppings, then slide onto the grill, oven rack, or heated pizza stone. 

A pizza peel is fun to use and lets you look like a professional pizzaiolo to your guests.

3. Pizza Cutter

Once you have cooked your pizza, you need to cut it into slices. Using a butcher knife just won’t do. Sure, it will cut the pizza, but it will be uneven, and much of the cheese will stick to the blade. We’ve tried!

The best way to cut your pizza is with a pizza cutter. A pizza cutter is an essential tool that lets you quickly (so the melted cheese doesn’t stick) cut your pizza into slices for everyone to enjoy. It’s an inexpensive item that lets you feel like a professional pizza chef.

Investing in a good pizza cutter is not only a smart move but a needed one. A cheap one will fall apart quickly, and you could risk cutting yourself as it can slip while cutting. One of the best pizza cutters is a rocker blade. This cutter is easy to use and cuts perfectly. If you prefer a more traditional circle blade pizza cutter, these work great.

A pizza cutter isn’t just for pizza.  You can use a pizza cutter to trim the crust off toast, chop herbs, cut lattice strips for pie, and all kinds of other creative uses in the kitchen. So a pizza cutter is worth the investment for rounding out your homemade pizza accessories to cut a perfect pizza pie.

4. Digital Scale

Pizza dough is a science. While it’s not rocket science, it’s still a science. So having a digital scale to weigh out the flour, water, and yeast is essential to making your dough with the right consistency and density. Investing in a digital scale will help you make great dough every time. 

Every pizza dough recipe is different, so as you try a few and find one you like, you will need to know the exact measurements. A digital scale can help you modify the recipe as well. Maybe you need to make a double or triple batch of dough for a pizza party or a single dough for a quiet night in. Using a digital scale can help you get the ingredients exactly right every single time.

5. Toppings Organizer

Homemade pizza is a process. You have to make the dough, the sauce, cut the toppings, and then roll it out and put it together. So prepping toppings and storing them can cut some of the pizza-making time. And that is where this fun pizza toppings organizer comes in. You can prep your toppings and store them easily in the fridge, so when you are ready, just pull them out and top your homemade pizza creations. It’s like meal prep for pizza night.

These five products are key to making great pizza at home. As you perfect your homemade pizza-making skills, you will need the professionals’ tools to help you look and feel like a pro. 

Let us know – what are your favorite pizza accessories to use for pizza-making at home?

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