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6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Frozen Pizza

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Updated: October 12, 2021
Frozen pizza is a quick and easy answer to what's for dinner. But frozen pizza usually is missing something. Check out these easy ways to upgrade frozen pizza to make it a delicious meal for a busy we

Homemade pizza is the best, but sometimes life gets busy, and you don’t have time to cook. But your family still wants pizza for dinner. Well, that’s when frozen pizza comes in. Of course, frozen pizza isn’t as good as homemade pizza, but hey, it’s still pizza. And with a few little changes, you can upgrade frozen pizza right at home to make it great.

First, the Hot Stuff

First thing is first, to make an excellent frozen pizza, you have to preheat the oven and make sure it’s really hot. Frozen pizza never needs to defrost and actually cooks better when it goes in frozen. Usually, frozen pizzas cook at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s best to crank it up to 450. It’s safe and will give a crispier crust. It will cook a bit faster, so keep an eye on it.

The extra heat will mimic a brick pizza oven, and it will cook better. Also, using a pizza stone will make sure the crust cooks evenly and give you the best possible pizza that can be had from a frozen pizza. If you don’t have a pizza stone, you can use a cookie sheet. But if you are a true pizza lover, you need to invest in a pizza stone.

Second, Fresh is Best

upgrade frozen pizza with fresh vegetables
Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

Frozen pizzas, even high-end ones, often skimp on the toppings. To upgrade frozen pizza, you need to add some fresh veggies. A few sliced bell peppers, sliced mushrooms, or sliced red onions will make your pizza closer to homemade.

I like to check the condiment shelf in the fridge and add chopped artichoke hearts or olives. If you are a carnivore, add some leftover deli ham or turkey. Experimenting with toppings can take a boring frozen pizza to the next level in no time.

Third, Get Cheesy

Pizza is all about a good ooey gooey melted cheese, and frozen pizzas don’t usually deliver. I always add some extra cheese to upgrade frozen pizza. Of course, fresh mozzarella is a great addition. Fresh mozzarella comes packaged in small round balls in water.

Use a paper towel to soak up the extra moisture, thinly slice the mozzarella and add it to the pizza. But adding more cheese doesn’t have to mean more mozzarella. You can sprinkle some blue cheese, Feta, manchego, or any other cheese that you have on hand to add some extra gooey goodness. Save the parmesan for after the pizza has been cooked and sprinkle on each slice.

Fourth, Add Some Herbs

Don’t underestimate the power and potency of herbs. They can brighten up the flavor and give it more depth. Make sure to sprinkle oregano, basil, and garlic on your pizza. If you have fresh herbs on hand, that is even better, but dried herbs pack a punch too.

And while you can use powdered garlic, the best is to use roasted garlic. I mean, as long as you have the oven on, roasted garlic is easy to make. 

Fifth, Try Roasted Garlic

upgrade frozen pizza with roasted garlic
Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

I roast garlic a lot. I use it on everything, including frozen pizza. Whenever I use my oven for savory dishes, I will roast garlic at the same time. I invested in a garlic roaster like this one. But if you don’t have one, aluminum foil will work too.

To make roasted garlic, take a head or two of garlic (not a clove or two but a head) and cut the bottom tips off. You don’t have to peel the garlic and the root side should be on down, just like it would be in the garden. Drizzle with olive oil and cover. If using aluminum foil, close the foil to make a  small pouch. Place the garlic in the oven while the pizza cooks. 

Roasted garlic takes around thirty to forty minutes to cook, and when it’s done, you can take out individual cloves and add them to your pizza. They will be very soft and have a buttery feel. They are delicious. You can throw them in a salad or on crostini for an easy appetizer. And if you aren’t convinced, garlic is healthy too.

Sixth, Butter Up the Crust

Frozen pizza crust can be dry and flavorless. A quick way to upgrade frozen pizza crust is to melt some butter and brush it on the crust. It will help with the dryness of the pizza crust and give it a chewy texture without losing the crunch. It’s an easy way to make a frozen crust flavorful without making it soggy.

If you feel adventurous, you can add some seasoning to the butter to give it extra flavor. Try everything bagel seasoning or curry powder for a new exciting way to upgrade frozen pizza.

Best of Frozen Pizza

The best gourmet frozen pizza is Robertos Wood Fired Pizza. It has a thin crust and makes a great base to customize your frozen pizza.

The best for your wallet is Freschetta frozen pizza. It comes in thin or thick crust and a few different flavors to use as a base. 

The best plant-based pizza is Alpha. If you are plant-based but still love a good pizza pie, they are the best.

The best cauliflower crust is CauliPower. It has a fun name for a great product. If you are keto or carb conscious, this is an excellent base to start customizing your frozen pizza.

So the next time you feel like pizza but are too busy to make it, grab a  frozen pizza and upgrade it to make it a quick, simple weeknight dinner.

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