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Updated: September 9, 2023

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7 Fantastic Pizza Chefs to Follow Online

Here is a round up of seven fantastic pizza chefs to follow online. They are all doing great things, from using interesting ingredients or pizza toppings, milling their own flour, and combining acrobats and pizza making. Do you love everything pizza? Do you love to watch and learn from the best?

If you love making pizza and appreciate the craft check out these pizzaiolos and the cool, innovative things they are doing. Or celebrate your own National Pizza Month any time you want following along with these pizza geniuses.

7 fantastic pizza chefs to follow online to level up your homemade pizza
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Online Pizza Chefs to Follow Right Now

Chris Bianco: PIZZA BIANCO

Chris Bianco started Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix in 1988. He was the first pizzaiolo to win the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest in 2003. He is considered the leader of the slow food and artisanal pizza movement. His first book, Bianco: Pizza, Pasta and Other Food I Like, is an essential cookbook for any pizza lover. The book covers the fundamental skills in pizza making and his personal philosophy on food and cooking. 

Bianco developed Bianco Di Napoli line of canned tomato products using the best organic tomatoes from Northern California. He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to share his humor and pizza skills with the world. Watch his appearance here with Billy Crystal and his latest appearance here.

His unique style and humble approach to sharing food and recipes make him a special pizzaiolo to follow. Check out his YouTube channel here to see his videos and learn more about pizza making from the master. He is the number one pizza chef to follow.


YouTube video

Ann Kim started her career as an actress but later decided to open a pizzeria in 2010. Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis is known for its creative pizza creations. Ann Kim won the James Beard Awards 2019 for Best Chef Midwest for her other restaurant Young Joni. She is an inspiring chef and posts her latest creations and information about causes that she believes in on her social media.

She was born in Korea but left for the U.S when she was only four years old. Her pizzas combine Korean, Italian, and French influences that create a whole new flavor profile. She is an amazing chef, and a fun follow. Watch this video showcasing her unique background and talents.

pizza chefs to follow online pizzeria lola


Sarah Minnick is the owner and head chef at Portland, Oregon’s Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty. She started as a bread maker and quickly decided pizza was her thing. She makes unique pizza combinations with organic, locally sourced products. Her pizza is exactly what you would expect from a quirky Portland pizzeria. Fresh ingredients with a twist – she uses things like flowers and winter squash.

Follow her and get creatively inspired by her unique pizza combinations. Check out this fun video where she showcases some of the farm-to-table ingredients that make up her menu. Sarah has a background in the art world, and you can definitely see how she is an inspired chef. Another video here shows her at work making masterpieces.


Tony Gemignani is the owner of 14 restaurants and a famous pizza school. His pizza school, Tony Gemignani’s International Pizza School is located in San Francisco and teaches specialty pizza courses. He has won tons of pizza awards and is considered one of the best pizza chefs in the world. 

Tony has written two pizza cookbooks, the first creatively called Pizza and the second The Pizza Bible. Both are excellent guides to help the home chef discover the fun and exciting world of homemade pizza. He has also written a children’s book called Tony and the Pizza Champions. A fictional story about a group of pizzaiolos quest to compete in the International Pizza Lovers Competition. 

Gemignani has been in the Guinness Book of World Records twice for creating the largest pizza. And for the most consecutive rolls of pizza dough across the back of the shoulders, which is a special dough throwing trick. Follow him to learn more about his culinary style and his interesting pizza filled life.


Tara Hattan is a world famous pizzaiolo. She is part of the World’s Pizza Champions, an organization of pizza makers who educate and compete for pizza fame. She won the international pizza acrobats award in 2019. You can see her in action here. Follow her to see her amazing skills as she showcases her talents as an acrobat and pizzaiolo.

YouTube video

Anthony Mangieri: UNA PIZZA

Anthony Mangieri is known as the pioneer of Neopolitan pizza in the U.S. He is lovingly referred to as the “Pizza Pope.” Covered in tattoos and with a skater boy vibe, he looks more like a punk rock surfer than a pizzaiolo. Mangieri grew up in New Jersey and was obsessed with making pizza from a young age. He studies breadmaking, and his first venture into the restaurant business was a small bakery. 

Mangieri later transitioned into pizza full time. He is a perfectionist, and when he got started, he did everything himself, working long hours to create the best pizza experience. He is an orthodox pizza maker with only four pizza options and no slices, only whole 12-inch pies.

He is meticulous about everything he makes. You can find his latest restaurant in New York after closing his San Francisco and New Jersey locations to focus on one really good pizza experience. Follow him to learn more about Neapolitan pizza from a hard-working traditionalist. Watch him on an episode of Munchies to learn more about this dedicated pizza chef.

Scarr Pimental: SCARR’S PIZZA

Scarr Pimental opened up Scarr’s Pizzeria in 2016. He uses fresh organic ingredients and serves up an excellent slice. His cheese pizza slice was voted best by Bon Apetit Magazine in 2018. He takes pride in his pizza, going so far as to mill his own flour, which not many pizzaiolos can boast.

His love of community led him to create a pizzeria for them. His philosophy is that everyone has a few bucks in their pocket for a slice. He wanted to create an authentic gourmet pizza experience accessible to all socio-economic backgrounds.

Scarr’s Pizzeria is a popular spot with creative types and even a few celebrities. He was also featured in Munchies Chef’s Night Out. Scarr’s pizzeria is a total vibe and fun energy to follow.

For more fun backstory on some of these amazing pizzaiolos, we recommend watching the Netflix docu-series called Chef’s Table Pizza!

One of our Favorites

Bianco celebrates both the simple and the nuanced, revealing the methods that lead to the perfect crust, the sweetest tomato sauce, the creamiest mozzarella, and the most expertly balanced flavor combinations. It also features recipes for market salads, tasting plates, and dessert options, as well as the staff meals that are cooked behind the scenes and a new array of main courses showcased at Chris’s wildly popular restaurants. With its attention to detail and tips for making unforgettable, flavorful pies, Bianco is an essential companion for any serious pizza maker.

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