Homemade Pizza School

homemade pizza school authors love making pizza in pizza ovens

About the Homemade Pizza School Story

Thanks for reading about our homemade pizza journey! We’re a young married couple who started making pizza at home on our wedding night and haven’t looked back yet. We’ve learned over countless attempts of trial and error how to make the perfect pizza sauce, best pizza dough, and exactly which pizza accessories to buy for your home setup.

Besides making pizza, we love traveling around the world. Between the two of us, we’ve been to over 50 countries and have spent a large portion of our lives overseas. Whenever there’s an extended holiday (and not a pandemic going on) we’re purposefully gonna travel somewhere new. Oh, and try ALL the local food that we can.

We started this blog with a dream, a dream to eat healthy homemade pizza every single day! Once we realized that that’s not going to happen, we agreed on once-a-week. And that’s been working for us ever since. You’ll find advice, recipes, product reviews, and maybe even some of our restaurant recommendations from across the globe.

If you have any questions about literally anything, our email is always on!