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Best Gifts for Pizza Lovers in 2021

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Because we want to be surrounded by pizza at all times! Buy this hilarious pizza-themed gift for any lover of pies in your life. And it’s guaranteed to keep them warm all night long after homemade pizza for dinner.

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Updated: December 11, 2022
best gifts for pizza lovers
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Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to deck the halls and get jolly. You are probably starting to check your list and preparing for holiday shopping. If you have a pizza lover to buy for, you will want to check out our guide on the best gifts for pizza lovers.

We put together a list of gift ideas for the pizza lover in the family. From practical homemade pizza gear to kitchen accessories to a pizza board game, our list covers a lot of fun items that every pizza lover needs.

Top Grown-up Gifts for Pizza Lovers

Pizza Stone

gifts for pizza lovers - pizza stone

A pizza stone is a no-brainer. Every home chef who dabbles in pizza making needs a pizza stone. A pizza stone helps you make the perfect pizza every time. They are easy to use. Just heat them up in the oven, and once hot, take them out. Add your pizza dough and toppings.

By the time you finish the toppings, the hot stone will partially cook your dough. Then just throw the pizza back in the oven, and voila, your pizza is ready. This pizza stone even works on the grill so try making a pizza on the grill for your next barbecue. A pizza stone is a good investment if you make pizza a lot. Take a look at how to season your pizza stone for future reference.

gifts for pizza lovers - pizza peel

Pizza Peel

If the pizza lover in your life is serious about learning pizza-making skills, they will need all the tools. A pizza peel is an excellent tool for the homemade pizza chef’s kitchen. They can learn the trick of getting the pizza in and out of the oven without spilling the toppings. 

gifts for pizza lovers - bicycle-shaped pizza cutter

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

This cute pizza cutter is shaped like a bicycle and cuts a clean pizza slice. It’s fun, it’s whimsy, and it comes with a pastry brush to spread olive oil and make a golden crust. Why have a boring pizza cutter when this adorable bicycle looks great and gets the job done.

gifts for pizza lovers affordable pizza oven

Pizza Oven

This pizza oven fits perfectly on the counter and makes a great pizza. It’s perfect for the apartment dwelling pizza chef that doesn’t have the outdoor space to have a big pizza oven but still wants to make a delicious pie. If you are looking for an outdoor pizza oven instead, check out our guide on choosing an affordable outdoor pizza oven.

If you have a little more money to splurge, we recommend a mid-range pizza oven, a high end pizza oven, or even building your own DIY brick pizza oven. So many fun pizza ovens to choose from!

gifts for pizza lovers sourdough pizza starter kit

Sourdough Pizza Starter Kit

(Plus the Sourdough Pizza CookBook)

Sourdough crust is becoming a popular alternative to regular pizza crust. Sourdough is a healthy option that tastes great. It’s easier to digest, and many people experience less bloating. Sourdough also has nice acidity from the fermentation that mixes well with mozzarella.

Give the gift of a sourdough starter so the pizza lover in your family can start making sourdough pizza and bread too. Don’t forget to add the accompanying sourdough pizza cookbook so your favorite home chef can learn from the experts on sourdough pizza crust. 

gifts for pizza lovers book where to eat pizza

Book: Where to Eat Pizza

by Daniel Young

Does the pizza lover in your family love to travel and try pizza in new places? If so, this book is the perfect gift. The author covers more than 1,700 pizzerias all over the world. The book features quotes from pizzaiolos about insider places and secret ingredients. The pizza lover in your life will get the inside scoop about pizza from well-traveled industry experts. Any pizza lover that is an avid traveler will love this book.

gifts for pizza lovers olive oil herb infuser

Olive Oil Press and Herb Diffuser

This infuser lets you make herb-infused olive oil. You can make spicy olive oil to put on pizza or keep it mild with some oregano and thyme mixtures. Or the pizza lover in your life can experiment and play with flavor to find the best combination for their palate.

homemade pizza school best gifts for pizza lovers mozzarella cheese making kit

Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

Take the mystery out of cheese making and give the gift that keeps on giving. This cheese-making kit comes with everything to make homemade mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Fresh mozzarella is a must for Napolitano-style pizza. Or make fresh mozzarella to serve with tomatoes and basil creating a delicious homemade Caprese.

The pizza lover in your life will love learning how to make the quintessential pizza topper. The kit includes everything you need to make the cheese except for the milk. If the pizza lover in your life has never made cheese before, they will love learning another part of the pizza-making craft.

best gifts for pizza indoor hydroponics herb garden

Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden

This amazing hydroponics indoor herb garden lets you make an indoor pizza garden. It comes with everything you need to grow fresh herbs, arugula, cherry tomatoes, onions, and more. This efficient system uses 23 watt LED lights and comes with a timer.

There is space for 12 different plants. It’s fun and easy to use, even if the pizza lover in your life doesn’t have a green thumb. They will have no problem growing tasty greens in this indoor garden. The possibilities are endless: a margarita pizza with fresh oregano or a veggie pizza topping with freshly cut arugula.

best gifts for pizza lovers parmesan cheese grater

Parmesan Cheese Grater

The pizza-loving home chef needs the best cheese grater to grate fresh parmesan. Every pizza lover knows that fresh parmesan makes the pizza better. So give the gift of an excellent cheese grater so the pizza lover in your life can easily grate cheese to sprinkle on their homemade pizza pie.

Don’t forget to include the best parmesan cheese in the world, Parmesano Reggiano from northern Italy. Perfectly aged at least 18 months and comes with an authenticity seal proving the best parmesan is Parmesano Reggiano.

amazing gifts for pizzaiolos pizza dough mixer

Dough Mixer

Making the dough is easier with an electric mixer. This mixer has various attachments. The best, of course, is the hook that mixes perfect pizza dough. This professional-grade mixer makes needing to knead a thing of the past. It is the perfect addition to the homemade pizza chef’s kitchen.

We’ve also compiled a whole list of the top food processors for pizza dough in all budget ranges.

amazing gifts for pizza lovers garlic roaster

Garlic Roaster

Keep the vampires away by making roasted garlic. Placing roasted garlic on top of melting mozzarella is an intense reminder of the beauty of garlic. Learn the best way to roast garlic to add to soups, stews, and of course, pizza. For an elegant holiday meal, you can also mix roasted garlic with butter to make flavored butter pats. Or just spread a soft piece of roasted garlic on a slice of toast for a fancy and aromatic snack.

This garlic roaster fits several heads of garlic to make a batch to keep in the fridge, so you always have roasted garlic for all of your favorite recipes. The pizza lover in your life will appreciate this useful and yummy gift.

gifts for pizza lovers immersion blender

Immersion Blender

Does the home pizza chef in your life make their own sauce? If so, an immersion blender is a fine gift. An immersion blender lets you blend in the saucepan, so after simmering the sauce, you can blend the tomatoes to get a silky smooth sauce to spread on pizza. An immersion blender is also a great way to make blended soups and holiday dips.

gifts for making pizza detroit style pizza pan

Detroit Style Pizza Pan

Do you love Detroit-style pizza? Do you wish the pizza maker in your family would make Detroit-style pizza at home? If you give them this square pizza pan, they can get started. This pizza pan is the perfect size to make the famous square-shaped Detroit-style pizza. It works well for tasty focaccia too.

game for pizza lover monopoly pizza

Monopoly Pizza Board Game

A twist on the classic Monopoly game is this pizza-themed Monopoly board game. The goal is to collect pizza slices instead of property. And instead of paying rent, each player has to try the other’s slices. It’s a fun game for pizza lovers aged eight and up.

clothes for pizza lovers pizza theme socks

Pizza Socks

New socks may not be everyone’s favorite gift, but new pizza socks that’s another story. Show the pizza lover in your life how much you care by giving them some fuzzy pizza socks to keep their tootsies warm. They come in a few different pizza styles, from veggie to pepperoni.

jewelry for pizza lovers necklace

Pizza Necklace

Nothing says love more than jewelry, so give the gift of a pizza necklace. It is a silver antique pewter pizza charm with a message You’ve stolen a pizza of my heart. The adjustable silver chain can fit different styles and is a great conversation piece.

clothes for pizza lovers tie necktie

Pizza Necktie

Does the pizza lover in your life wear neckties? Give them a pizza necktie to make their boring suit stand out. It personalizes their attire and lets the world know that they love pizza. It’s not just a funny tie. It’s well made with perfect stitching and will look great around anyones’ neck. 

Gifts for Pint-Sized Pizza Lovers

Don’t forget about gifts for pizza lovers who wear footie pajamas and love a good bedtime story. Here are seven gifts for the pint-sized pizzaiolos.

pizza books for kids a pizza with everything on it

Book: A Pizza with Everything on It

by Kyle Scheele and Andy J. Pizza

This is a fun book for the 5-8-year-old pizza lover in your family. The story tells the tale of a young boy and his dad as they set out to make the biggest pizza in the world topped with everything, yes everything. It’s a cute story with lively illustrations.

pizza books for kids every night is pizza night

Book: Every Night is Pizza Night

by Kenju Lope Alt and Gianna Ruggiero

A colorful pizza themes book for the 3-5-year-old pizza fanatic. The story follows a young girl as she tries to convince her neighborhood that pizza is the best food. She shares her love for pizza, learns about other people’s favorite foods, and opens her mind to new cultural flavors. It’s a cute book with a warm and loving message.

pizza books for kids pete the cat

Book: Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

by James and Kimberly Dean

A whimsical children’s book perfect for ages 4-8. This pizza-themed book is on the New York Times bestseller list, and it’s a clear favorite. It’s not only a fun take on pizza. The book also teaches about friendship and sharing. The bright illustrations will keep the little pizza lover’s attention while teaching an excellent lesson about the importance of kindness.

pizza books for kids make your own pizza activity book

Book: Make Your Own Pizza Sticker and Activity Book

by Fran Newman-D’Amico

A sticker book with reusable stickers is a great way to keep a little one busy while pizza is in the oven. This fun sticker book lets little ones choose their favorite pizza toppings and do sticker art. It’s great for ages 4-8. 

pizza books for kids the ultimate pizza activity book

Book: The Ultimate Pizza Activity Book: Fun Pizza History, Jokes, Facts, Drawings, Puzzles, and MORE!

by E.V. Pepper

This action-packed pizza activity book is for the whole family to enjoy. The book has all kinds of activities that kids and adults will love. The whole family can get in on the fun, from jokes about pizza to games to puzzles. It’s an activity book with everything to entertain kids of all ages. It’s a perfect gift. It’s silly and educational.

best gifts for pizza makers pizza slice sleeping bag

Plush Pizza Sleeping Bag

Do you know someone who would love to sleep in a slice of pizza? Well, now is their chance. It’s a pizza slice sleeping bag. Kids will love the pizza theme, and adults will love the soft plush sleeping bag perfect for slumber parties. It comes in a colorful pepperoni slice.

Or for veggie lovers, there is also a mushroom and pepper slice so the vegetarians won’t be left out of the fun. 

fun gift for pizza maker throw blanket

Pizza Throw Blanket

This soft round pizza pie throw blanket is great for a couch cuddle while watching pizza themes movies like Mystic Pizza, Moonstruck, Do the Right Thing, Eat Pray Love, or whatever your favorite pizza-themed movie. Enjoy it wrapped up like a pepperoni pizza.

If you are looking for more great gifts for pizza lovers in your life, check out our post on The 10 Best Books About Pizza to find a gift for the pizza-loving bibliophile in your life.

Want to give something more memorable and long-lasting? A couple bonus ideas include a personalized pizza charcuterie board or custom engraved pizza peel.

This is our list of the best gifts for pizza lovers. It really does have everything a pizza lover could want. Did we miss anything? What are you gifting to the pizza lover in your life?

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