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Updated: April 6, 2023

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11 High Class Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens

Do you love outdoor brick pizza ovens? Are you looking to splurge on a pizza oven for your backyard? If so, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up the absolute best and most expensive pizza ovens on Amazon right now.

Note, these are the polar opposite of our best affordable pizza ovens list, so if you’re not quite in the upper class yet, head over there. And hey, we get it. We don’t want to be too hoity toity ourselves.

best outdoor brick pizza ovens
Photo by Noah Holm on Unsplash

Our list of great outdoor brick pizza ovens covers all kinds of pizza ovens, from wood-fired to gas to portable to pizza oven kits. We have it covered. So read on to learn about some of the absolute best outdoor brick pizza ovens to take your homemade pizza skills to new heights.

The Best Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens

Our list is in order of price, starting from the most expensive, only the best for our readers. Of course, if you are in the market for an outdoor brick pizza oven for your fancy new backyard look, you will want to consider a few things like price, size, fuel, portability, and protecting your pizza oven from the elements.

We hope our list will help you decide on the right pizza oven for you and your family. Seriously, though, this list is for the high rollers, spare no expense, get the best of the best pizza oven delivered straight to your patio.

Luxury Pizza Ovens over $5000

chicago best outdoor brick pizza ovens

Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Burning Mobile Outdoor Pizza Oven


Our first pick is this incredible pizza oven that holds heat and makes a piping hot pizza. This wood-fueled pizza oven heats up at temperatures higher than 1000° F.

It boasts a cooking surface of 38″ x 28″ and works great for not only pizza but whatever else you like to cook on the fire. It fits neatly on a patio or backyard at 35.5” to 40” and comes in three colors: copper, silver, and black. This truly is worth the hefty price tag.

Dimensions: 35.5 x 40 x 81 inches

Weight: 750 pounds

forno venetzia bellagio outdoor brick pizza oven

Forno Venetzia Bellagio 500 44-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven


A pizza oven designed with Italian engineering makes an amazing wood-fired pizza. This oven costs a bit less than the previous one, but it is much much larger and even heavier. (Not on wheels.)

It has a glass door to watch your pizza cooking, so you never burn it. And the fold-out sides give you some counter space to do any pizza prep. This pizza oven is not only great looking with the always classic black finish but also does a great job at cooking your family’s pizzas.

Dimensions: 44 x 51.75 x 94.25 inches

Weight: 796 pounds

Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens between $2500-$5000

forno piombo santino outdoor brick pizza oven

Forno Piombo Santino 70 Outdoor Pizza Oven– With Stand & Shelf


We love this cute dome-shaped pizza oven that makes great pizzas and does double and triple duty as a grill and smoker. It’s versatile, making it worth the space it takes up in your backyard. It includes a stand and shelf to help keep the home pizzaiolo organized while prepping pizza pies.

This stainless steel pizza oven gets up to 900° F so that you can cook a pizza in a matter of minutes. It comes in three colors: yellow, white, and grey, and will look amazing in your backyard with or without the black stand.

Dimensions: 46 x 44 x 80 inches

Weight: 640 pounds

featured chicago DIY outdoor brick pizza oven

Chicago Brick Oven Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY Kit


This is another excellent outdoor oven kit for those who love a good DIY project and a great pizza. They offer three different sizes to get the right fit for your family.

These Chicago brick oven pizza kits are easy to use and install. The smaller one goes for $2,899. This would be great for a summer home or commercial outdoor kitchen.

Dimensions: 41.25 x 34 x 16.25 inches

Weight: 480 pounds

forno venetzia outdoor brick pizza oven

SLR Alfa Products Forno Venetzia Fully Assembled Pizza Oven


This pizza oven was designed and engineered in Italy. It has a cooking surface of 24″ x 20″ and has a fully insulated fire brick hearth. There is a folding side shelf and a retractable tool holder to cook your homemade pizza with ease. It looks elegant with an oak handle on the stainless steel door. The red dome will stand out in style your backyard.

Dimensions: 58.5 x 77 x 30 inches

Weight: 230 pounds

heavy duty outdoor brick pizza oven

Authentic Pizza Ovens Ventura ‘Preto’ Premium Wood Fire Outdoor Oven


This is one of the coolest outdoor brick pizza ovens we have seen. With Ventura’s stone façade and stacked stone brickwork reminiscent of Portuguese architecture, you will love the vibe this oven will give to your outside space. It is a classy patio pizza oven made with triple-insulated bricks for the best cooking conditions.

Note: Because of the stone and brick, this outdoor brick pizza oven is obviously a lot heavier than the average oven on this list.

Dimensions: 39 x 31 x 39 inches

Weight: 1300 pounds

one of the best outdoor brick pizza ovens

EuroFlame Amadora Terracotta


This outdoor oven comes all the way from Portugal fully assembled, and everything is handmade. So if you like to DIY but only the fun decorative parts, then this oven is for you. The heating system and insulation are already put together; you could use them straight out of the box.

Or you can get creative and build an outdoor cooking area around this excellent oven. This oven boasts a traditional Italian-Style handmade refractory cement dome with a terracotta brick facade and iron door.

Note: Because of the stone and brick, this outdoor brick pizza oven is obviously a lot heavier than the average oven on this list.

Dimensions: 39.4 x 26 x 39.4 inches

Weight: 1200 pounds

Outdoor Brick Pizza Ovens between $1000-$2499

outdoor brick pizza oven under $2500 kit

MCP Outdoor Wood Fired Red Enamel Stainless Steel Artisan Pizza Oven or Grill


We love this beautiful shiny red outdoor oven. It comes with everything you need to make the best pizza-making station. It gets up to 800° F in five minutes and comes with a pizza stone surface, a wire brush for cleaning, a large pizza peel, a pizza cutter, and a waterproof canvas cover to protect it from the elements. An overall great starter purchase!

Dimensions: 32.5 x 31 x 79 inches

Weight: 220 pounds

stainless steel outdoor brick pizza oven

Empava Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Cabinet for Outdoor Kitchen


Do you want the option to move your pizza oven around? Then this portable pizza oven is for you. This stainless steel pizza oven needs 20 minutes to heat up and cook some amazing pizza.

It’s a smaller size and lighter weight than the others on this list, making it an easy-to-use portable pizza oven. It has four s-shape pothooks for a pizza cutter, pizza wheel, pizza oven brush, and large pizza peel… or whatever you need.

Dimensions: 32 x 27 x 85 inches

Weight: 120 pounds

smoker and pizza oven

AMS | Summerset ‘The Oven’ Outdoor Freestanding Gas Oven with Pizza Stone, Smoker Box, and Mobile Cart


This mobile pizza oven has a few different fuel options, including wood, gas, and eclectic. So whatever your needs are, you can always fuel this pizza oven. The oven temperature maxes out at 450° F, but the pizza stone will hold temperatures up to 700° F.

Made from stainless steel with two side tables for prep, this is an excellent choice, and the price is right too. Bake homemade pizza or use it as a smoker. The culinary possibilities are endless.

Dimensions: 25.5 x 54.25 x 58.5 inches

Weight: 154 pounds

another great outdoor brick pizza oven

Cuore Ovens Wood-Fired Oven Kit


Build your own pizza oven with this Cuore oven kit. It comes with everything except the chimney. Fire bricks are already installed on the cooking surface, so you can start building your outdoor pizza oven. This inner shell is covered with fiber insulation and chicken wire.

This must be covered with stucco-type concrete or enclosed in a box construct, usually with a vermiculite fill. You can get creative and check out some fun designs on YouTube. You can use tiles, brick, or adobe to cover the oven and create an outdoor pizza oven that matches your style.

Dimensions: 42.52 x 41.34 x 23.62 inches

Weight: 730 Pounds

What do you look for in outdoor brick pizza ovens? Which one is your favorite? All we know is that whenever we build our dream house someday, we’re definitely making lots of room for an outdoor brick pizza oven.

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If you’re REALLY planning to spare no expense on your homemade pizza game setup in your backyard, we highly recommend going big with the Model 750 Mobile of the classic Chicago Brick Oven. They ship same day and arrive within just a few days, including a handy ramp right in the box. Should be pristine and ready to fire up for your next pizza night! Your family doesn’t want a new car, they want a new pizza oven like this one!

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