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Updated: August 16, 2023

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Halloween Party Homemade Pizza Ideas

The spooky season has returned, and it’s time for black cats, creepy goblins, scary witches, sweet treats, and salty snacks. Yes, salty snacks are the best way to celebrate Halloween fun.

halloween skeletons
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Of course, candy is king, but if you are throwing a Halloween party, you will need plenty of munchies to satisfy the little monsters. We have rounded up our favorite Halloween party homemade pizza snacks so you can celebrate the darkness that the season brings with tasty pizza-inspired snacks.

And besides food, it’s also a good idea to have a handful of pizza puzzles and pizza games on hand as well, just in case you need more fun. And for those who stay online rather than in-person, share some funny pizza memes to your friends instead.

Halloween Party Homemade Pizza Snacks

The best way to make Halloween party homemade pizza snacks is to create your favorite appetizers with a scary twist. Think mummies, vampires, goblins, witches, and other scary creatures that hang out on Halloween night. 

Besides a cool Halloween costume, you might want to add these to your list of Halloween items to make your Halloween party platters.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween and our love of pizza.

Pizza Dough Mummies

halloween party homemade pizza dough mummies

You have probably heard of pigs in a blanket, and we have twist on that with mummy dogs.  Just take your favorite homemade pizza dough roll it out, and cut it into strips. Then wrap around a beef, port, tofu, or any type of hot dog to make a mummy.

Here we used black olives and red peppers to make eyes. Serve with blood-red marinara sauce or other dipping sauces. You can do the same thing with jalapeño poppers to make scary spicy mummy poppers.


Everybody loves canapes. These bite-sized party snacks are the most customizable appetizer, and this is our favorite way to make Halloween canapes.

Simple canapes with a piece of cheddar and black olives to make a Halloween-worthy canape for the party. Try making a black olive spider or cut cheddar cheese into jack-o-lanterns for a Halloween-themed canape.

Pizza Bagels

halloween pizza party ideas with pizza bagels

Pizza bagels come in all sizes and flavors. You can make mini bite-sized pizza bagels or use flavored bagels to make these versatile snacks.

Here we used pesto as a base and used prosciutto and capers, pepperoni, and cheddar cheese to make our Halloween party homemade pizza bagels, but really you can decorate in many different ways.

It’s all part of the fun. You can even set up a pizza bagel-making station with different cheeses and toppings and let guests make their own creepy Halloween pizza bagels.


Simple bruschetta is tasty, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser at parties. Try making this classic Italian appetizer with purple tomatoes and add edible eyeballs to make a monster-inspired bruschetta. Or cover the bruschetta with prosciutto for a gory skin look, and use your favorite toppings to make a spooky treat.

Mummy Calzones

Calzones are folded over pizza, kind of like an Italian pizza hot pocket. They are delicious and easy to cover with cheesy mummy bandages to create a Halloween treat.

You can also make mini calzones with Halloween-inspired hand-pie molds. Use food coloring to color the dough to add Halloween spirit to your party spread.

Meatball Eyes with Marinara

halloween party pizza ideas meatball eyes with marinara

Meatball eyes floating in a bloody red marinara sauce is a surefire way to scare up the Halloween spirit. You can make your own meatballs with ground beef, breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, and pepper.

Then add fresh mozzarella and olive eyes to finish off this delightfully chilling dish. Serve with black squid ink pasta. Or make mini meatballs for your ghostly guests to devour.

Witches Fingers Bread Sticks

Use your homemade pizza dough to make breadsticks, a la witches fingers, and add red pepper tips. Green food coloring will turn the pizza dough breadsticks into ghastly witches’ fingers. Serve with a bloody red marinara sauce.

Mummy Garlic Cheesy Bread

halloween party homemade pizza mummy garlic cheesy bread

Garlic cheesy bread is the best. It’s in the pizza family of cheesy treats and can quickly transform into a Halloween celebration. Use mozzarella cut into strips to create a mummified version of this classic snack.


Focaccia makes an excellent canvas for an eerie scene. We suggest making a drawing first of what you want to make, like a haunted house or black cat, then find the toppings to make a Halloween focaccia worthy of ghastly ghouls.

Prosciutto Eyeballs

halloween party homemade pizza prosciutto eyeballs

Mini mozzarella balls make excellent eyeballs. Add a slice of green olive stuffed with bright red pimiento for the base, then wrap prosciutto around, making the eyeball pop.

Keep them mini and serve alongside toothpicks for guests to stab out fleshy eyeballs pop. I mean creamy mozzarella with salty prosciutto its never looked so great to eat a snack that’s looking at you.

Scary Pizza Skulls

These fun cake molds let you make skull-shaped baked goods. We use ours to make pizza skulls. Just take your pizza dough and lay it in the mold. They are silicone, so you don’t even need to put any oil in first. Then, add some sauce; use red to be like blood or bright green pesto for a gross-out look.

Next, add your pizza toppings like pepperoni, sausage, pepper, and some grated mozzarella cheese. Then lay another piece of stretched-out dough on the back and pinch the two doughs to seal the skulls — Bake at 400º F for 12 minutes. Let completely cool before serving. And voila, you have Halloween party pizza skulls perfect for a scary snack.

There are many ways to use classic pizza ingredients to make your Halloween party a wicked affair. Don’t forget to decorate your home with lots of fun Halloween decorations. Get ready to eat pizza and party with all the zombies, mummies, vampires, pirates, witches, and classic characters that dare to enter your spooky home.

Maybe you’re reading this close to a different holiday, check out our Valentines Day pizza kits, snowman pizza ideas, Cinco de Mayo Mexican pizza, grilled pizza for Labor Day, flag pizza for Independence Day, and so on.

What are your favorite Halloween party homemade pizza treats?

One of our Favorites

Impress all your guests with genuine skull-shaped pizza snacks this Halloween! Shape the dough, add some pizza sauce blood, and whatever other toppings your ghoulish heart desires. Have fun with it!

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