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Updated: July 20, 2023

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The Best Homemade Pizza and Soda Pairings

There is one universal truth about eating homemade pizza: it makes you thirsty. All that gooey cheese, tangy sauce, and spicy pepperoni need to be washed down with something. We have shared our favorite beers to drink with homemade pizza and our favorite wines that complement homemade pizza.

homemade pizza and soda pairings
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But since not everybody likes beer and wine, we thought we would share our favorite sodas to enjoy with our favorite pizzas. So we taste-tested and interviewed friends and did some research to find the absolute, without a doubt, best homemade pizza and soda pairings for your next pizza night.

Homemade Pizza and Soda Pairings

Let’s start with some of the unusual soda pairings that we have come across. Some are super sweet, and others have a distinct flavor formula, but they all go with homemade pizza.

Olipop Vintage Soda

Olipop vintage soda is a unique twist on traditional colas. It has less sugar and is actually healthy with prebiotics and plant fiber, but it still has the classic cola taste. This soda pairs well with traditional pizzas like pepperoni, sausage, and tasty supreme pizzas

Fentimans Curiosity Cola

Fentimans is another healthy soda. It has no artificial flavors and is botanically brewed for a super tasty experience. This craft soda is great with meaty pizzas like Meat Lovers and Supreme.

unique pizza and unique soda
Photo by Ken Steele II on Unsplash

Ramun Japanese soda

We had never tried Japanese soda and were not sure what to expect, but luckily we were pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of this soda. It comes in a few different flavors, like melon, orange, and blueberry. These are fruity and fairly light. They pair well with vegetarian pizzas or even Thai chicken pizzas.

Lester’s Fixin Variety

Ok, so this one isn’t for everybody, only the truly adventurous palates that aren’t afraid to try new things that are outside of the normal soda offerings. Lester’s boasts sodas with flavors like Pumpkin, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Sweet Corn, Bacon, Ranch, and Buffalo Wings.

The key to pairing these somewhat off-the-wall flavors with pizza is to think of the contrast. For example, a Bacon soda would pair well with a lighter pizza like a vegetarian or margarita. While a Pumpkin or Peanut Butter and Jelly are going to have a sweetness so a classic pepperoni or sausage would counteract that sweet overload.

Sweet Corn would be great with a white pizza with chicken and spinach. And buffalo wings would combine well with a Hawaiian pizza. As for Ranch, we are just going to call Ranch an anything-goes since many use Ranch or a type of Buffalo Ranch as a dipping sauce for pizza already.

Cherry Cola

Cherry cola is really a flash from the past. It was made popular in the early 80s, which was a wild time for soda. If you like Cherry cola but it’s a little too much, try Fentimans natural cherry soda. It has the same flavor but is a little lighter. Try cherry with a Four Cheese pizza for a perfect combo.

Green Cola

Green cola is a new type of cola made with stevia extract. It has zero calories and is naturally sweetened with stevia extract. It is different than regular cola and more cola-esque than anything.

Since it’s a healthy beverage, we think you can easily pair this with a more decadent pizza like a salty jamon serrano or prosciutto and mushroom pizza. Or even a Hawaiian pizza with smoky Canadian bacon and sweet pineapple.

Cream Soda

Cream sodas have been around since 1852, yes, really. They are sweet and creamy with cola undertones. The heavy flavor pairs well with vegetarian pizzas like roasted eggplant and zucchini or peppers and mushrooms. A classic Margherita is almost as old as a cream soda, so these two old-timey flavors work well together.

Stubborn Root Beer Soda

When was the last time you tried a new root beer? Made with no artificial colors, sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup, Stubborn Soda Classic Root Beer is rich, smooth, and creamy with earthy undertones. It’s also made with fair trade-certified cane sugar.

As their tagline says, “To create something great you’ve got to do it the Stubborn way.” If you’re a fan of root beers, we highly recommend giving Stubborn a try.

Pizza and Sparkling Water & Italian Sodas

If soda isn’t your thing and you prefer lighter sparkling water or Italian soda, here are a few of our favorites.

Lurisia La Nostra Aranciata

This Italian citrus soda is a bubbly breath of fresh air. It’s light and slightly sweet. We love this soda with Meat Lovers or decadent Four cheese pizza.

Tran Quini

Ok, so this one is new to us. It’s a zero-calorie calming drink with herbal adaptogens. It comes in flavors like hibiscus and ginger lemongrass. It’s light, refreshing, and guilt-free soda. It is zero carbs and just one calorie, so if you are keto or paleo, this is a great drink for you.

This pairs well with a crust-free pizza like a keto portobello mushroom pizza or any of our low-carb pizza appetizers. We also like it with a simple Margherita pizza.

San Pelligrino

San Pelligrino sparkling fruit beverages are a light way to enjoy a carbonated drink. They have classic fruit flavors, and we love them with classic Italian pizzas like prosciutto and mushroom, a Capricciosa, or Quattro Stagioni.

Mayawell Prebiotic Soda

Mayawell Bubbly Prebiotic Soda is sweetened with agave and supports gut health and digestion. It doesn’t contain stevia. This healthy version of soda is great with a Barbeque chicken pizza or Thai pizza. We also liked it with a spicy salami or Mexican pizza with jalapeños.

Classic Soda and Pizza Pairings

If you prefer classic sodas, that’s cool too. We don’t always have to try new things. Sometimes it’s nice to just stick with your favorites.

classic soda pairings with homemade pizza
Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Coca Cola

The most classic pizza combination for homemade pizza and soda pairings is a slice of pepperoni and a tall glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola. It’s perfect, and we can’t mess with perfection. Our mothers would even swear by this ever-loving combo.


It’s light and refreshing and is great with Supreme, Meat Lovers, and Italian sausage.

Orange Soda

Sweet orange soda pairs well with vegetarian pizzas, especially with salty olives and artichokes that balance the sweetness.

Root Beer

Root beer is a popular soda among kids and pairs well with another kid’s favorite, the Hawaiian pizza.

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper has an intense taste, and we like it with a classic Margarita or Four Cheese pizza pie.

Ginger Ale

A nice light ginger ale needs some balance from a heavier pizza like a Spicy Mexican pizza or a Spanish pizza with chorizo and peppers.

Pro Tips When Choosing Pizza and Soda

  • Consider sugar content
  • Avoid competing intensities
  • Be open to trying new combinations

What are your favorite homemade pizza and soda pairings?

One of our Favorites

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