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Updated: July 24, 2023

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The Top 20 Homemade Pizza Facebook Groups

We love talking about pizza and learning from others. We have listened to podcasts about pizza, read books about pizza, and binge-watched Chef’s Table Pizza edition in our quest to learn everything about homemade pizza.

And now we have joined a lot of pizza-related Facebook groups. We want to share our favorite homemade pizza Facebook groups so you can join too and learn more about everything pizza-related.

homemade pizza facebook groups

Our Favorite Homemade Pizza Facebook Groups


This fun group has regular posts where the poster must state the type of pizza and where it’s from. Pizza lovers share their favorites along with mouth-watering photos. Note: Seeing pictures of delicious pizza in your feed every day is not good for your waistline.

But if you are into Chicago deep dish, this isn’t the group for you; they suggest Casseroholics, as deep dish is a casserole not a pizza according to the admins.

Homemade Pizza Hangout

This group is for home pizzaiolos to share ideas and, most importantly, photos of their creations. It’s a great group to get inspired and we love getting new ideas from fellow members.

pizza lovers facebook groups with big basil leaves
Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Pizza Chefs

Pizza Chefs is a group for any and all who are, aspire to be, or are interested in the art of pizza making both at home and in the professional environment. Just when we like to think we’re ready to join the big leagues, some amazing chef shares their creation and we’re immediately humbled.

Homemade Pizza

Do you have questions about making homemade pizza? Well, this group has answers. This group is about helping home pizzaiolos get better and improve their craft. So if you can’t find your answer here on our blog, head over to this group instead!

Pizza Snobs

Full truth, they actually aren’t snobs per se but will definitely tell you their strong opinion. They are just a bunch of folks that love pizza and taking cool photos of their pizza, whether homemade or not. Plus, if you are traveling, you can post and ask the group for recommendations in different cities for the best pizza wherever you are in the world. Hey, there’s a pizza snob in all of us.

pizza facebook groups
Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

Homemade Pizza Club

What do you need? Recipes, advice, photos? This group has everything! With over 15K members, this group is active, and you can learn a lot of great tips and tricks to make the best pizza.

Homemade Pizza Dough

Good group for aspiring pizzeria owners. They have lots of videos and information. However, some of it is in other languages, but don’t let that deter you one bit – the videos are fun.


This group is dedicated to the pizza industry, restaurant industry, restaurant technology, and takeaway business. Their goal is to bring together the best people in the world, especially those in the pizza sector. They discuss the industry’s most amazing procedures, machines, robotics, and cutting-edge technology.

The goal is to share information and find collaborators.  Beautiful food photographs, recipes, jokes, comedy, culinary art, and music can be submitted by anyone. Share your passion for pizza and motivate others to become both pizza connoisseurs and lovers.

Pizza Making

This group is for the pizza-making community to have an alternative place to share great pizza recipes and pictures of their creations. With over 11K members, this Facebook group about pizza reminds us of the old web forum days.

Homemade Italian Recipes

Not just for pizza but for lots of good Italian recipes. The group shares recipes from the Italian home kitchens of today and yesterday. Pasta? Gelato? Pizza? They got it!

facebook groups about pizza in a box
Photo by Mateusz Feliksik on Unsplash

Pizza Justice

If you love pizza and love to judge other people’s food, then this is the group for you. In their bio, they state, “In Crust, We Trust we are the Justice of the piece!” This is how it works:

  • Post a picture or video of your pizza and give it a rating! 0.0 through 10
  • 0-2.9 is garbage pizza not worth eating
  • 3.0 – 4.9 You ate it, but it sucked
  • 5.0- 6.9 was good pizza
  • 7.0-8.5 really awesome pizza
  • 8.6 -9.8 the best pizza you ever had
  • 9.9-10. You better have a real good reason cause nothing is good enough for that score, haha! really
  • Who’s the best, and who’s the worst? 

Pizza Professionals

This group was created to be a forum to discuss pizza challenges and to give insight to pizza shop owners on how to become more profitable. It isn’t super active, but it has a lot of information. Just scroll through old posts.

The Original Homemade Pizza Creations Page

This is a fun group of kind folks sharing their homemade pizza creations. From St. Louis-style pizza with a cracker crust to Detroit-style with squares instead of slices and Connecticut Clam pizza, everyone and every pizza is accepted here.

Pizza Lover’s Society

It’s all about the pizza in this group. We’re not supposed to talk about it, but they may or may not have a secret handshake.

facebook groups about pizza
Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

Cooking with a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Even if you don’t have wood fired pizza oven, this group is an excellent follow. Posters show their wood-fired pizza ovens and the beautiful pies they make with them and their [sometimes] flavored wood. After following this pizza Facebook group for a while, you will be ready to make your own DIY wood-fired pizza oven.

Pizza Lovers Association

Photos, videos, advice, comments, and kindness are the core of this group. Love may tear you apart, but pizza will bring you back together. So true.

Pizza Dough Addicts

Posters share their favorite doughs and answer dough-related questions. It’s a great group for everyone perfecting their homemade pizza.

Creative Pizza!

This is a group to discuss your love of pizza. There aren’t any traditionalists in this group. It is open to everyone, even those that put pineapple and olives and anchovies on their pizzas. They don’t judge or discriminate; no haters here.

best sourdough pizza facebook group
By PilotChicago

Perfect Sourdough Pizza

If you haven’t made sourdough pizza dough yet, you are missing out. Sourdough is easy to work with and tastes amazing plus it is easier to digest. Once you get a sourdough starter going, the sky is the limit in the amazing sourdough pizza creations you can make.

Check this group out for inspiration. And then go get a sourdough starter started!

Pizza Club

Another judgy group to post to. This group judges pizzerias and homemade pizzas. The admins are a bit salty, so if you can’t tolerate an F-bomb here or there, this is not the group for you.

What are your favorite homemade pizza Facebook groups to follow? Are they any good ones that we missed?

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