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Updated: April 6, 2023

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The Case for A Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven

So you love to make pizza but don’t have the space to have a pizza oven. What can you do? Well, we think we have an answer for you, try a Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven. It’s more than just a fancy 50 cent word.

pizzazz countertop pizza oven

It’s a pizza oven that fits on your countertop. Whether you live in a tiny apartment, share a dorm room with a roommate, or live on the road in an RV or motorhome, this is the perfect way to make great pizza in a small space.

Although we highly recommend investing in a real pizza oven if you actually have the backyard patio space, a pizzazz countertop oven is a worthy secondary option. It really makes a great pizza in a small kitchen.

And if you have a dream yard, we even walk you through how to build your own DIY brick pizza oven if you’re so inclined. No huge patio yet? You can even make homemade pizza in a slow cooker if you want.

What is a Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven?

A Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven is an electric pizza oven that rotates and heats from the top and the bottom. It is perfect for making frozen pizzas and fresh pizzas. You can also heat up other frozen foods like burritos, jalapeño poppers, egg rolls, and chicken nuggets.

And because countertop space is important kitchen real estate, this oven stores easily, so when you aren’t using it, you can easily put it on a shelf or store it in a cabinet.

How to Use a Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven

This countertop oven makes pizza in about half the time required by a conventional oven. You don’t have to preheat it. Just plug it in, and it starts rotating and baking in the moment. There are two heating elements that work independently, so you can use just one or the other or both, depending on what you are cooking. There are independent of each other.

The baking tray works well for a 7-or 12-inch pizza, and if you are making rising-crust pizza, for example, you should run the lower heating element for 10-12 minutes before turning on the top element. For a crisper crust, bake the pizza with both heating elements, then finish it off with a few minutes of bottom-only heating.

For extra cooking time on your toppings, like when you are upgrading a frozen pizza with fresh ingredients, leave the top element on a little longer. A timer with automatic shutoff lets you set cooking times precisely, and a cooking-time guide for various pizza types is printed on the pizza maker. 

So with all of these options, you can kind of play with it a bit depending on whether you are making frozen, fresh, deep dish, or crispy crust; you are in control. This is a great home pizza oven that works well for all types of pizza. You can make pizza bagels, heat up pre-made crusts, and even par-bake your crust before adding your favorite toppings.

5 Reasons to Use a Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven

cooking fresh toppings with pizzazz countertop pizza oven
Photo by Jordon Kaplan on Unsplash

1. Saves energy

Ok, so we already mentioned that it’s a small pizza-focused appliance that will make great pizza. But we didn’t mention how much electricity it saves. And it’s kind of a big deal.

According to their website, this pizza oven saves up to 60% of electricity compared to using a convection home oven. That is a lot. So you can save the planet and enjoy a piping hot pizza. It’s a win-win.

2. Affordable

So pizza ovens can be pricey and are not within everyone’s budget. But we don’t think anyone should ever be deprived of eating pizza. Pizza is for everyone; as Maria Antoinette said, “Let them eat pizza.”

Ok, maybe she didn’t say that, but she should have. Everybody loves pizza, and this pizzazz countertop pizza oven is under $100 USD, so it’s affordable and, most importantly, makes a great pizza.

3. Convenient size

The pizza oven is portable and easy to store. It only weighs 7.6 pounds and has dimensions of 14.5″D x 15.8″W x 10.3″H. So it works in any kitchen. Whether you have a small apartment kitchen or an even smaller tiny home or recreational vehicle kitchen, or even a college dorm room, this is a great pizza oven to meet your pizza needs.

4. Easy to clean

The non-stick baking tray is removable, making it super easy to clean. The rest of the countertop pizza oven can just be wiped down to keep it clean.

Because it is a non-stick pan, you don’t want to use any abrasive sponges or cleaning tools; instead, a soft soapy sponge will do the trick. And, of course, always let it dry completely before putting it back in; it’s electric, so you don’t want any wet pieces.

5. Multi-use

Ok, so this is a big one; it’s multi-use. If you are like most home chefs, you probably have a million gadgets crammed into drawers in your kitchen that you probably only use once in a while. So we love that this kitchen appliance makes great pizza, and it makes other things too.

You can use it like a toaster oven or microwave to reheat leftovers or cook other late-night frozen snacks. So you get a pizza oven that is also a microwave and toaster oven, which is pretty awesome in our book.

Have you tried the Pizzazz Countertop Pizza Oven? What’s your favorite way to use the Pizzazz pizza oven?

One of our Favorites

No, this isn’t a nostalgia triggering flashback to Back to the Future 2. But it may remind you of the 1980s. This is the pizza oven for you if you need to save money AND save space. It’ll still heat your pizza up, too.

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