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Updated: May 10, 2023

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Pizzeria Review: Wrecktangle Minneapolis

This Wrecktangle review hits a little close to home. We’ve seen Wrecktangle Pizza since last year (we live in the Minneapolis area) and have heard all about their take on Detroit style pizza, but life has kind of gotten in the way. By the way, this is NOT Minnesota style pizza, if that’s what you’re expecting.

Oh, and the one time we did try and stop by to try it a couple months ago, we learned it was closed on Tuesdays. WHY!?

Update: Congrats to Wrecktangle for winning the Good Morning America title of “2023 Best Pizza in America” and apparently winning some cash and a golden pizza cutter! We want to see that displayed prominently, please. Does anyone still watch GMA?

Wrecktangle Pizza Location

Wrecktangle Pizza & Bar is snuggly located at the corner of Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street in South Minneapolis, nestled in to the very hip LynLake neighborhood adjacent to the once popular Uptown area found just south of Downtown Minneapolis.

Note: this is one of the only times in my recent memory that all 4 establishments at these corners have been occupied and open at the same time. Let’s just say there’s always a lot of turnover and change in this part of town.

wrecktangle pizza and bar

Wrecktangle Pizza’s Atmosphere

Being in such a hip area, you’d rightfully assume that the inside atmosphere was equally young and hip, and you’d be right. With a mixture of bar, lounge, and outdoor seating, there’s a seat for everyone. And there are only TVs over the bar, not throughout the whole place.

wrecktangle pizza review
Also, they’re very LGBTQ+ welcoming, with a whole array of Pride events and rainbow flags. ABBA was playing from the loudspeakers, but not overtly loud that we couldn’t hear each other talk.

We had ridden our bicycles so must’ve been obviously sweating, because the host brought us a huge pitcher of ice cold water before we’d even sat down. A refreshing hydration station is just what we needed!

homemade pizza school wrecktangle review lgbtq welcoming

About Wrecktangle Pizza’s Menu, Specifically

We liked that they kept the menu simple, as opposed to that pizzeria in Chicago we tried last month. They focus on pizza, but don’t limit your choices to just pizza. They have salads, appetizers, and desserts, just like most places, but not a huge selection of those.

Their priority is obviously the pizza. Which is how it should be.

They also had an eclectic cocktail menu that appeared pretty tempting, but we were still hydrating so we’ll try those next time.

wrecktangle pizza menu
wrecktangle review pizzeria menu classic pizzas
wrecktangle pizza review house specialty pizzas

Notice at the top of the two pizza sections it says that all pizzas are 8″ x 10″ with 6 pieces and a special cheese blend. Considering that normal Detroit style pizza pans are 10″ x 14″, we knew that these would be on the small side. But considering the price, that seemed fair.

At first, we were going to keep it basic with the Meat Lovers or New Hawaiian. To avoid any pesto base sauce mishaps. But the waitress convinced us to go with the best-selling House Pizza called “Shredder“. A lot of the specialty pies looked like something I would try, though.

We also told her it was our first time and she explained the style to us. Funnily enough, she did not call it “Detroit style” but rather a mix between deep dish and thin traditional with a sort of “focaccia crust“. Very interesting.

Wrecktangle’s Shredder Pizza

Our pizza arrived quickly, I’d say in about 15-20 minutes. And it looked amazing from the get-go!

We almost dove right in without taking pictures first. But we held off just long enough. You’re welcome, faithful readers.

wrecktangle review detroit style pizza

Right away, we started salivating at that crispy Detroit-style crust that appeared charred to perfection. The cheese had definitely been placed on the sides of the pan, like we teach. And we love a good pepperoni cup and the ratio of jalapeños looked just right. The already-added parmesan shreds didn’t seem overdone either.

Our first bite immediately reminded us of the Wrecktangle cheese blend we saw earlier on the menu, it was really very unique and stood out amongst all the other flavors. The crust was truly a beautiful thing. The red sauce was tasty, too, with a hint of sweetness that didn’t take over your mouth.

Truth. We finished this pizza way too fast. It was a small, after all. Next time we’ll be ordering one for each of us.

When the waitress stopped by after we scarfed this Shredder down, we asked about the cheese blend. She replied it’s a mixture of mozzarella, parmesan, and white cheddar. We did not see that last one coming. We’ll have to mix that up at home sometime! Be on the lookout for that blog post.

homemade pizza school wrecktangle review detroit style shredder slice removed

Our Wrecktangle Review

Yes, Yes, Yes! If you like pizza, you have to go to Wrecktangle Pizza & Bar to try their pies. No question about it. We loved the location, the atmosphere, the simple menu, the amazingly delicious pizza. We can almost guarantee you will, too.

This is the best new pizza we’ve tried in a looooong time. And you can take our word for it.

Remember, though, it’s Detroit style… a far cry from thin Italian style if you know what we mean. So if you’re even remotely a fan of thicker crusts, give this place a try.

homemade pizza school wrecktangle review slice of shredder pie


THE PIZZA ITSELF, the pep cups, the cheese blend, the price.


The size was on the small side. That means order 2+ if you’re really hungry! And they’re closed on Tuesdays. Boo.

After our meal, we stopped by the eponymous Jungle Theater (down the block from Wrecktangle Pizza) for a live show/musical called Cambodian Rock Band. We highly recommend it for anyone who likes Asia, music, history, or just good theater. Be prepared to cry your eyes out. If you’re in the Mpls area, it runs through July 31, 2022.

All in all, we highly recommend trying Wrecktangle Pizza. You won’t be disappointed. We will be making this a regular stop on our future date nights.

And by the way, if any of you have any fun or unique pizzerias that you’d like us to review on any of our travels, please contact us and let us know! Don’t let our Wrecktangle Pizza Review deter you from honest yet generous reviews of other places.

We’re going somewhere new outside Minnesota a few times a year (hopefully more) and are always looking for tasty treats on our journeys. Thanks! We recently stopped by Infusino’s Pizza in Racine, WI and other shops around Minneapolis: OG ZaZa, Mesa Pizza, Boludo.

One of our Favorites

Specifically designed to bake small-ish Detroit Style Pizzas (8″x10″x2.5″) like the ones you can get at Wrecktangle. Their seasoning process coats the pans with non-toxic coating to provide an easy release of pizzas and to protect the pan itself. No sticking or flaking like previous seasoned steel pans. These are used by original Detroit Style Pizza makers and also new Detroit Style Pizza makers all around the world, including us!

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