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Once we made the switch from wheel roller pizza cutter to a rocker cutter like this, we never looked back! This is definitely what the professionals use and you’ll be sure to get a clean cut every time. Just be careful with your slice sizes…

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Updated: May 9, 2022
best homemade pizza cutters
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Making a great pizza at home requires the right equipment. Everybody knows the importance of a pizza oven and pizza stone. But did you know another essential kitchen tool that can take your pizza to the next level is a pizza cutter?

If you want to make an authentic pizza at home, you need to invest in a quality pizza cutter to slice your pie perfectly.

Types of Pizza Cutters

Traditional Wheel

There are two types of pizza cutters. The traditional wheel with a handle is probably the most commonly used at home pizza cutter. It is easy to grip, inexpensive, and fits nicely in your kitchen drawer.

The wheel also comes without a handle and has a grip to hold on to as you slice your pizza. 

The Rocker

The rocker pizza cutter also called a mezzaluna, which means “half moon” in Italian, is a long curved blade that lets you quickly cut a pizza with one rocking motion. They are usually more common to see in commercial pizza kitchens.

Although many home chefs are learning from the pros and starting to use these efficient pizza cutters at home. The only downside to using a rocker is that they don’t fit neatly into a kitchen drawer, so you might have to get creative about where to store it when not in use.

Both types of pizza cutters work well, and we have rounded up a few in both styles that we love.

Top Pizza Cutter Picks

Traditional Wheel with Handle

Oxo Good Grips Pizza Cutter

This simple stainless steel pizza cutter wheel is excellent. It slices perfectly and is easy to store and clean. We love it because it has a thumb guard and non-stick handle to let you make the perfect cut. 

Kitchen Aid Classic Pizza Wheel

We love this classic pizza cutter with an ergonomic handle. It has a sharp blade, cuts well, and won’t break your budget.


Rösle Stainless Steel Ergonomic Pizza Wheel

If you are looking for a quality stainless steel pizza wheel made to last, then look no further. This futuristic-looking pizza wheel has an ergonomic handle and a sharp blade. It’s a well-made product that is worth the extra dough. Plus, it looks cool.

DECOSTYLE, Black Pizza Cutter Wheel

If you are on a budget, you can still find a great-looking modern wheel to add to your kitchen pizza accessories. This model has a non-slip grip and protective blade cover to keep your fingers safe while you cut your pizza.


Checkered Chef Pizza Rocket

This rocker blade comes in 14-inch or 16- inch and is pure stainless steel. It slices and dices and has a plastic protective cover to safely store it when it’s not pizza night. 

ZOCY Pizza Rocker with Wooden Handles

This 14-inch blade will cut through any pizza quickly. The wooden handles give it a unique look and grip.

Novelty Pizza Cutters

If you are looking for a pizza cutter that works well and adds some fun, check out these pizza cutters for the silly pizzaiolo.

Dreamfarm Scizza 12-Inch Pizza Scissors 

Just like there is no wrong way to eat a pizza, there is no wrong way to cut it. Some pizza lovers use scissors to cut their pizza. These giant pizza shears work well and let you control the cut.

Pi Pizza Cutter

We love this pizza cutter because we love puns. It’s a pizza PI cutter, get it?

Axe Pizza Cutter with Bamboo Handle

Using this pizza cutter makes us want to wear flannel and sit by the fireplace. It’s an axe pizza cutter that’s fun and effective.

Medieval Viking Steel Pizza Axe 

Are you a history buff that loves to make homemade pizza? Then you will love this Viking knife. It’s impressive and also maybe a bit dangerous. A great way to slice your pizza when you are watching Game of Thrones reruns.

Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

A pizza cutter is a must-have kitchen tool, and this one looks like a tool. 

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Trekkies unite and come together to eat pizza. This Star Trek pizza cutter will impress any die-hard fan.

Equalizer Multi-Blade Pizza Rocker

Does your family bicker about who gets the biggest slice of pizza? Stop the squabbling and invest in the equalizer blade. It cuts all the slices at once and ensures that every slice is the exact same size. All that fairness will cost you, though. This blade is pricey. 

Cleaning and Caring for Your Pizza Cutter

The best way to care for your pizza cutter is to hand wash it with mild soap. While many pizza cutters boast they can be washed in the dishwasher, it’s not a good idea for a couple of reasons.

The first is that the movement in the dishwasher can dull the blade overtime. And the second is that dishwasher soap is more abrasive than regular liquid dish soap, and over time, it can take its toll. 

To keep your pizza cutter in tip-top shape,  wash it by hand after every use. It only takes a minute or two. Dried cheese and sauce are a pain to clean, so do yourself a favor and wash it right away.

Store your pizza cutter like a knife. Don’t just stuff it into a drawer where it can get moved around, possibly damaging the blade. If you have a rocker blade use the blade cover when storing.

If you make and slice a lot of pizza, eventually, the blade will dull. The best way to sharpen a wheel pizza cutter is to use a specific sharpener made for the round blade. A pizza cutter sharpener can keep your pizza cutter in perfect shape.

To sharpen a rocker blade, you can use a regular knife sharpener or a whetstone. 

Keep in mind that some inexpensive pizza cutters are made from porcelain or plastic, which can’t be sharpened.

Creative Ways to Use Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters are a versatile addition to any kitchen. Not only do they slice pizza, but you can use them in other creative ways in the kitchen. 

  • Use as a pastry cutter and cut pie lattice strips or homemade pasta.
  • Cube ham for soups and salads.
  • Cut bread for homemade croutons,
  • Chop herbs.
  • Shred lettuce for taco salads.
  • Make bacon strips into bacon bits.
  • Turn chicken breast into chicken strips.

There are so many fun ways to use your pizza cutter. You can be sure that a pizza cutter will earn its place in your kitchen drawer.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza cutter to use?

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