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Updated: August 21, 2023

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Pizza Bianca Review: Tianjin’s Must-Try Pizzeria

We live part time in China. It’s been rough the past couple years being unable to return there, but we finally got a chance to go back! Having lived there for such a long time, we know all the best pizza joints in town. Our Pizza Bianca Review is unbiased, but we do know the owner.

Ah, Pizza Bianca – a surprisingly delicious take on traditional Italian pizza, that’s captured the heart of Chinese people in Tianjin, they’ve been expanding throughout the city.

pizza bianca review outside the restaurant

We’ve discovered that what makes Pizza Bianca Tianjin extraordinary is the marriage of its simplicity and the skillful execution of high-quality ingredients. With dough that is [usually] crispy on the outside and just barely chewy on the inside, Pizza Bianca can be an exquisite experience on its own.

However, add a drizzle of top-notch olive oil, a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes and coarse sea salt blend, or a generous handful of cheese, and the beloved Pizza Bianca truly becomes a contender for “best pizza ever” in Tianjin.

We really don’t have much choice in this country. That’s actually why we started making pizza at home!

Pizza Bianca Location

To clarify, the Pizza Bianca we’re talking about today is worth mentioning that it’s not Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona, that was profiled in Chef’s Table: Pizza. FYI.

This one is really in Tianjin, China, and they’ve grown to 3 locations around this great town. When they first opened, they had one location in the Olympic Tower on Chengdu Rd. The location we checked out today was a newer location that we hadn’t been to yet.

Address is in the mall Joy City Heping (or Joy City #2 as we locals call it), and has a street-facing door as well as an entrance from inside the mall. Street crossing is at the corner of Nanjing Road and Yingkou Road, one of the busiest intersections in all of Tianjin. Let’s just say probably a million people go through this area every day, walking, by car, subway, or bus.

inside the restaurant pizza bianca review

All in all, the location is excellent. Like, they probably couldn’t find a better location if they tried. Their other locations, as far as we know, are located in other big malls in the city.

Pizza Bianca Atmosphere

We entered the pizzeria and immediately noticed the warm and inviting ambiance. The dim lighting created a cozy environment, perfect for enjoying a delicious slice of pizza. Soft Italian-sounding music played in the background, adding to the overall relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

As we found our seats, we couldn’t help but admire the rustic and charming interior design. Exposed brick and granite walls and beautiful beams gave off a sense of history and authenticity, while the vintage photos of Italy on the walls transported us to the Old World.

The open-concept kitchen allowed us a glimpse of the talented chefs preparing the pizzas in the wood-fired pizza oven, creating an interactive experience for the diners.

the beautiful floor at pizza bianca

Just take a look at this tile floor! Absolutely stunning.

The staff at the pizzeria were exceptionally friendly and attentive, making us feel welcomed and well taken care of. Their English was okay, but I think they purposely sent a certain waitress because of her ability.

Anyways, they were knowledgeable about the menu items, and we appreciated their helpful suggestions in selecting our toppings. As the restaurant began to fill up, the buzz of happy diners added a lively energy to the space.

In our time spent at the pizzeria, we couldn’t help but notice that it was an ideal location for various occasions. Whether it be a casual family dinner, catching up with friends, or an intimate date night, the comfortable atmosphere seemed to cater to all of these scenarios.

At the end of our visit, we were left with a wonderful impression of the pizzeria’s atmosphere. The combination of the warm ambiance, charming décor, and attentive service made for a truly enjoyable experience as we indulged in our delicious Pizza Bianca.

The Pizza Bianca Menu

When it comes to the menu at Pizza Bianca, we tried to focus on simplicity and quality. But the menu itself is not too easy to understand. Their heading callouts do not correspond with what’s underneath them and the actual headings are not bigger or clearer. Can you even spot the “Pizza” heading?

We had had the pepperoni many times in the before times, so we changed things up this time, thanks to the workers’ suggestions and wanted to try the actual bianca version. And why is the Porchetta | cream corn pizza called out so prominently? No idea.

the confusing menu at pizza bianca reviewed

Keep in mind, all these pizzas are very much Italian style, so a lot of the items are in the Italian and Chinese languages, of course. They have marinara-based and white-based labeled “Bianca” obviously. They then sprinkle on a generous layer of mozzarella cheese, ensuring that each bite is filled with its gooey goodness.

A touch of garlic is added to enhance the flavors and provide a subtle kick, without overpowering the delicate taste of the white pizza. Parmesan cheese is also added for that extra sharpness, giving the pizza an irresistible cheesy profile. They also offer a selection of premium toppings, such as fresh Italian basil or Italian sausage that you can add to customize your pizza to your liking.

We fully expected a generous offering of olive oil and pepper, but did not have any at our table.

The combination of quality ingredients and their expert cooking technique creates an unparalleled pizza experience that you won’t forget.

homemade pizza school pizza bianca review sicilian with peppers
The Spicy Sicilian

So next time you’re craving a delicious and unique pizza option and stuck in Tianjin, China, try Pizza Bianca and fall in love with its simplicity and mouthwatering flavors.

Our Pizza Bianca Pizza Review

Pizza Bianca Pizza Pros

Our experience with Pizza Bianca was been quite delightful. The best part was actually the ambiance and atmosphere. From the tile floor we showed earlier to even the ceiling and lighting fixtures, this pizzeria was unlike anything we had been to in Tianjin before. Upscale and romantic.

atmosphere of pizza bianca reviewed

One cannot deny that the beautiful golden color of the crust provides a visual appeal to Pizza Bianca as well. For those who enjoy making homemade pizza, trying out a Pizza Bianca recipe is worth the effort. The versatility and ease of customizing toppings can lead to a fun and creative experience in the kitchen.

Some of our favorite aspects of Pizza Bianca include:

  • The atmosphere
  • The location
  • Versatility in toppings
  • A great option for pizza in Tianjin

Pizza Bianca Pizza Cons

Despite the many positive aspects of Pizza Bianca, there are a few drawbacks. We didn’t think the pizza was cooked long enough. Maybe this is our personal preference, but we would definitely have preferred more charred crust with blackened spots. We determined it’s probably normal in China to not make any leopard spots, because they might think it’s burned.

dough could've been cooked more

Additionally, the white base of Pizza Bianca might emphasize greasiness in some cases, depending on the quality of cheese and other toppings used. Lastly, the absence of tomato sauce might make the pizza dry for some, especially if toppings lack sufficient moisture.

Here are some cons we observed:

  • Lack of leopard charring on the crust
  • Lack of traditional pizza flavors due to the absence of tomato sauce
  • Possible greasiness with certain toppings
  • Potential for dryness if toppings lack moisture

Next time you’re in China or Tianjin specifically, we highly recommend checking out Pizza Bianca at one of their locations. Just make sure to ask them to cook the pizza a little longer than normal. Or for something completely different, try the NY style pizzeria in Tianjin.

One of our Favorites

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