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Updated: July 24, 2023

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Pizzeria Review: Boludo Minneapolis

No exaggeration, this might be our new favorite pizza in the world. Let us tell you [and show you] why. Did you see that thumbnail picture!? In talking with our local friends, a lot of them agreed with our thoughts as well.

Our Boludo review includes our own original photos and our own unbiased opinions. We aren’t receiving any compensation for this, but would happily accept free pizza from them at any time. Hint hint.

boludo review location

Boludo Pizza Location

Located at the intersection of Nicollet Avenue and 38th Street in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, Boludo is just blocks away from the now infamous George Floyd Square that you may or may not have heard of before.

Technically considered a part of “Eat Street”, the locals have known about and loved this place for years already. Here’s an article from the Star Tribune lauding it in 2019. We’d link to the exact article, but it’s behind a paywall, so why bother?

We finally got around to giving it a try and are so regretful it took us so long. We’ve already been back a second time before finishing this post.

boludo review atmosphere

Boludo’s Atmosphere

A very quaint pizzeria with LOUD music, everything about Argentina covers the walls. There are only a few tables inside and less than a handful outside, so you might want to prepare to take your pizza treats home with you.

If you know anything Argentina, you have to know that they love their fútbol (soccer). Photos of Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, two of their prized footballers, line the windows and walls. Lots of old signs in Spanish and an exposed ceiling really give this place a South American feel.

And if it wasn’t for the music, we’d say to sit inside. But if you’re on a romantic date, please take our advice and sit outside.

boludo review menu

The Boludo Menu

Simple and straightforward, the menu at Boludo is plastered right above the cash register. And if you want an appetizer besides pizza, we highly recommend trying the empanadas as well. They’re actually listed first on the menu, but we know where your priorities lie.

They have seven pizza selections in total, including a gluten free pizza option. As you can see, the prices are very reasonable for a delicious pie and if you’re with a friend, you can easily choose two or more.

We told the cashier it was our first time and that we were sort of snobs about pizza. He quickly recommended to go with the standard pepperoni and to try one of the others next time. “Next time?”, we asked. He smiled and guaranteed we’d want to come back. So confident!

You might also notice the bebidas (beverages) listed, featuring bottled soda from Mexico. We love that little extra touch to bring a slightly more authentic feel to this Hispanic pizzeria.

Our Boludo Pizza Choice

Our standard pepperoni pizza, recommended by the cashier, was only $18 USD, and we were so glad we went with it. Lives are forever changed. We will never look at pizza the same way again. And this did NOT remind us anything of uniquely Spanish style pizza. This pizza is special to Boludo itself.

I mean LOOK at this:

boludo pizza review

Shaped like a diamond, not your normal circle or square, and absolutely covered with uniquely shredded parmesan cheese. Sliced in six pieces, we had to verbally remind ourselves to slow down after the first bite. Cherish every flavor.

The crust was thin and the sauce was light. But in the best way possible. We’re usually not a fan of the soupy pizza sauce, but Boludo Pizza does it right.

The cheese was extra stringy. We made quite a mess. Good thing we weren’t on a first date. We already love each other, no matter the cheesy faces.

Oh, and the pep cups! The pepperoni was perfectly cupped and charred, just how we like it.

We asked for any secret ingredients and they wouldn’t tell us. Come on guys.

Boludo Review

All in all, we stand by our claim that this might be the best pizza we’ve ever had. Anywhere. In the world. We’ve never been to Argentina before, but Eliana being from South America, I’m sure we’ll get there on our travels someday.

And if every pizza in Buenos Aires is anything like Boludo, we will be very happy campers. We might just stay there indefinitely.

boludo review slice of greatness


The pizza. The crust. The sauce. The parmesan. Here’s a close-up.

boludo review closeup of pep cups


Only con we can thing of was the blaringly loud Latin music. And hey, we love reggaeton as much as the next Latina, but we’d also love to hear each other’s raving thoughts about the pizza.

So promise us if you’re ever in this Minneapolis neighborhood, you have to try Boludo. Even if you’re not in the neighborhood and just flying in to go to the Mall of America or something. Make the short Uber trip to Boludo.

You won’t be disappointed. We guarantee it.

A Minneapolis pizzeria that was kind of disappointing was Giulia. Try Boludo first, please! Or OG ZaZa in Roseville or Mesa Pizza near the UofM. Or if you want restaurant-style pizza sauce at home, check out Godfather’s Pizza Sauce, a staple from our Minnesota childhood.

One of our Favorites

We don’t know about you, but we love our pepperonis to cup and char. My sister doesn’t, for some reason. But whatever. Step up your homemade pizza game with this pep package! Made with pork and beef and a bold flavor, but not too spicy. Wink.

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