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Updated: March 29, 2024

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Best Ooni Pizza Oven Accessories: Essential Tools for Perfect Pies

Ooni pizza ovens have revolutionized the art of creating pizzeria-quality pies at home. As a dedicated enthusiast, I know that the true potential of these ovens can only be unlocked with the right accessories.

Whether it’s achieving the perfect crust with a precise peel or ensuring safety with high-temperature gloves, choosing the best accessories is as important as the oven itself.

Each accessory is designed to enhance the pizza-making process, offering both convenience and high-quality results.

The Ooni pizza oven accessories are neatly arranged on a wooden table, including a pizza peel, cover, and thermometer. The warm glow of the oven illuminates the scene

With an array of options available, it’s crucial to select the tools that cater to specific needs and preferences.

This could range from a reliable pizza peel for transferring your creation to the intense heat of the oven effortlessly, to a durable topping station that keeps all your ingredients within arm’s reach.

A well-equipped Ooni pizza oven not only makes the cooking experience more enjoyable but also raises the standard of homemade pizzas.

Key Takeaways

  • Accessories are vital for maximizing the potential of Ooni pizza ovens.
  • The right tools ensure convenience, quality, and safety.
  • A thoughtful selection of accessories can elevate the overall pizza-making experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Ooni Pizza Oven Accessories

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As an Ooni pizza oven owner, I understand the importance of the right accessories to enhance the pizza-making experience.

Every Ooni pizza oven, whether the portable Ooni Koda or the wood-fired Ooni 3, benefits from a few key add-ons.

Essentials for Ooni Pizza Ovens:

  • Pizza Peel: The indispensable tool for sliding pizzas in and out. Ooni offers peels in various sizes like 12-inch, 14-inch, or 16-inch, perfect for their different oven sizes.
| Peel Size | Best for Ooni Model  |
| 12-inch   | Ooni Fyra, Ooni 3    |
| 14-inch   | Ooni Koda 16         |
| 16-inch   | Ooni Pro             |
  • Infrared Thermometer: To measure the surface temperature for the perfect bake.
  • Turning Peel: A smaller peel to rotate the pizza, ensuring an even cook.

Additional Accessories:

  • Bench Scraper: For portioning dough and cleaning the workspace.
  • Digital Scale: To accurately weigh ingredients for dough.
  • Cover: Protects the oven from the elements when not in use.

Maximizing Use:

I use a high-quality aluminum pizza peel for ease of use due to its lightness and heat-resistant handle.

The smooth surface helps the dough slide off effortlessly, often aided by a dusting of semolina or flour.

For consistent results, I recommend the infrared thermometer. This gadget allows me to check the stone’s temperature and adjust the heat if necessary.

Choosing the Right Pizza Peels

A hand reaches for a sleek, wooden pizza peel next to an Ooni pizza oven, showcasing the best accessories for a perfect pizza-making experience

When selecting the perfect pizza peel for my Ooni pizza oven, I consider both the type of peel and the size that fits my oven and pizza-making needs.

Types of Pizza Peels

Perforated Pizza Peels:

  • Material: Often made of aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Benefits:
    • Reduces friction, allowing the dough to slide off easily.
    • Excess flour falls through, preventing burnt flour on the pizza bottom.

Solid Pizza Peels:

  • Material: Usually aluminum or wood.
  • Functionality: Solid surface, suitable for maneuvering pizzas in and out of the oven.

In my experience, metal peels, such as those made from aluminum or stainless steel, offer durability and a sturdy surface for handling pizzas.

Considering Peel Size

Ooni Pizza Peel Sizes:

  • 12-inch Peel: Ideal for 12-inch ovens.
  • 14-inch Peel: Can be used in larger ovens.
  • 16-inch Peel: Compatible with a 16-inch oven and offers more room for larger pizzas.

I ensure that the peel size corresponds to the pizza size I aim to make and that it fits comfortably within my Ooni pizza oven. Here’s a simple size chart:

Peel SizeOven CompatibilityPizza Size
12-inchFits 12-inch ovensUp to 12″
14-inchWorks with larger ovensUp to 14″
16-inchPerfect for 16-inch ovensUp to 16″

Precision Cooking Tools

A sleek, modern kitchen counter holds a collection of precision cooking tools and Ooni pizza oven accessories, neatly arranged and ready for use

As an Ooni pizza oven owner, I know firsthand that precision can make all the difference in pizza making.

Using the right tools enhances the accuracy of baking and takes the pizzas from good to outstanding. The key lies in controlling the temperature precisely and preparing dough balls and toppings with meticulous care.

Thermometers for the Perfect Temperature

Infrared Thermometers:

  • Ooni Infrared Thermometer: With a laser pointer for accurate aim, this tool provides instant temperature readings. It’s essential for ensuring that the cooking surface is at the ideal heat.
  • Digital Infrared Thermometers: A digital display makes it easy to monitor the crucial cooking zones within the Ooni oven.

Dough and Topping Tools


  • Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales: These are ideal for measuring smaller ingredients like yeast on one platform and flour on the other, with a precision that is key to consistent dough.

Dough Balls:

  • Preparation: Accurate scaling allows me to form dough balls that are uniform in size, contributing to an even bake.


  • Precision: Equipped with the right tools, I can replicate meticulous topping quantities, ensuring that every pizza has the perfect balance of flavors.

Enhancing Your Pizza-Making Experience

A table set with various ooni pizza oven accessories, including a pizza peel, cutter, and brush. A glowing ooni pizza oven in the background

In my quest for the ultimate homemade pizza, I’ve discovered that the right accessories can transform your Ooni pizza oven into a highly versatile cooking tool, and ensure it remains in top condition for years to come.

Cookware for Versatility

I find that using a dual-sided grizzler plate opens up a plethora of culinary possibilities.

With one side designed for grilling and the other for searing, this cast iron plate aligns perfectly with the high temperatures of the Ooni oven, allowing for more than just pizza-making.

It’s ideal for cooking meats, seafood, and vegetables, infusing them with a unique grilled flavour.

Moreover, a cast iron skillet can be just as pivotal, broadening your repertoire to include deep-dish pizzas, roasted vegetables, and even freshly baked bread.

Cleaning and Maintenance Accessories

Maintaining the pristine condition of your Ooni pizza oven is simpler with the proper tools.

I use an Ooni pizza oven brush to sweep away ash and food residue after each session.

This brush is designed with brass bristles that gently clean the stone without causing damage, ensuring an even cook for my next pizza.

Moreover, regular cleaning extends the life span of the oven and maintains the pure taste of my recipes.

Protective Gear and Safety

A pair of heat-resistant gloves, a sturdy apron, and a face shield lay on a table next to a pizza oven

When using an Ooni Pizza Oven, it’s imperative to prioritize safety by equipping oneself with proper protective gear.

This not only minimizes the risk of burns and accidents but also enhances the overall cooking experience.

Safe Handling With Gloves

For handling pizzas and interacting with the high temperatures of an Ooni oven, heat-resistant gloves are a must.

I recommend gloves that cover not only the hands but also the arms, providing ample protection against accidental contact with the oven.

It’s important to use gloves designed specifically for high-temperature environments to ensure safety and dexterity.

Features to consider for oven gloves:

  • Material: Heat-resistant fabrics
  • Coverage: Extends beyond the wrist
  • Flexibility: Allows for easy handling of pizza peels and tools

Ooni Oven Covers

To safeguard the oven when not in use, a waterproof cover is essential.

For instance, the cover for Ooni Koda 16 ensures the oven is shielded from the elements.

I also find that a quality cover with padded cover handles makes it convenient to move the oven when necessary.

For those who have the Ooni Karu 12, a carry cover can not only protect the oven but also make it portable.

Key features of an Ooni oven cover:

  • Material: Waterproof to withstand diverse weather conditions
  • Design: Tailored to fit specific Ooni models
  • Additional: Padded handles for comfort

By investing in these specific protective accessories, I maintain the integrity of my Ooni pizza oven and cook with confidence, knowing I’m safeguarded against high temperatures and environmental factors.

Optimizing with Ooni Modular Tables

Selecting the right table for my Ooni pizza oven significantly enhances my cooking experience.

The Ooni Modular Table is my go-to choice; it’s specifically designed to complement their ovens. Here’s why I find it essential:

Durability & Stability:

  • made from robust stainless steel
  • able to support the oven’s weight securely


  • height-adjustable legs
  • wheels for portability


  • various hooks for hanging tools
  • side handles for easy movement

Thoughtful Design:

  • sizing options to fit different Ooni oven models
  • ample space for prepping and cooking

My Ooni pizza oven table is a valued asset for outdoor cooking sessions, ensuring all my pizza-making tools are within reach and my oven is at an optimal working height. This table isn’t merely a stand; it’s a multipurpose workstation tailored for the needs of any avid pizza maker.

Pizza Topping Efficiency

In my experience, efficient pizza topping ultimately contributes to a more streamlined and enjoyable pizza-making process. Ensuring that all your toppings are organized and easily accessible is key.

Organizing Toppings for Better Workflow

My Setup: To optimize topping efficiency, I recommend using a pizza topping station specifically designed for Ooni ovens.

A well-structured station supports a systematic approach, allowing for quick and easy access to various ingredients without cross-contamination or excessive movement.

This not only enhances safety near the high temperatures of an Ooni oven but also saves time.

Practical Arrangement: Begin by placing your most frequently used toppings within arm’s reach.

Consider the following table as a guide for setting up your station in descending order of use:

Topping TypePlacementContainer Type
CheeseClosest to the ovenShallow, wide dish
SauceNext to the cheeseSqueeze bottle or bowl
MeatsAfter sauceSeparate small bowls
VegetablesFollowing meatsVariety of small bowls
Herbs/SpicesAt the endSmall, labeled shakers

Containers: It’s important to use shallow dishes for bulk toppings like cheese, as they make it simple to grab what I need in one motion.

For sauces, squeeze bottles or small ladles in bowls work well for quick and controlled distribution.

Accessibility: My Ooni pizza topping station features compartments that match the size and shape of my containers, making it easy for me to quickly replace or refill without looking away from my workspace.

This ensures that I can maintain focus on the quality of each pie.

Convenient Transport and Storage

When it comes to enhancing my outdoor cooking experiences with Ooni pizza ovens, I’ve found that having the right carry solutions not only simplifies the transport process but also protects the oven when it’s not in use.

Carry Solutions for On-the-go Pizza Makers

For me, a durable carry cover is indispensable for my Ooni pizza oven.

It’s not just a simple fabric; these covers are constructed to shield the oven from the elements, ensuring it stays in top condition whether it’s being stored away or taken on a trip.

The following features characterize an effective carry solution:

  • Water-resistant Material: Offers peace of mind when I’m transporting my oven under uncertain weather conditions.
  • Built-in Handles: Provide secure and comfortable grip, making the oven more manageable for me to carry.
  • Padded Protection: Minimizes the risk of damage during transit, keeping my investment safe.
  • Accessory Pockets: These are a thoughtful touch, allowing me to conveniently pack and access items like a lighter, matches, or even small groceries alongside the oven.

I leverage these specific features to satisfy my needs for practicality and efficiency in transport and storage, ensuring my Ooni pizza oven is always ready for my next adventure.

The carry cover turns out to be a smart investment — it not only protects my oven but also makes me more mobile and organized while on the go.

Enhanced Cutting and Serving Tools

When it comes to enjoying pizza from an Ooni oven, having tools that ensure precise cutting is pivotal for that perfect pizza experience.

I’ve found that a well-crafted pizza cutter wheel or rocker blade makes a world of difference in both presentation and ease of serving.

Precision Cutting for the Perfect Slice

Pizza Cutter Wheel: My personal experience with the Ooni pizza cutter wheel has been nothing short of excellent.

This tool is usually designed with a sharp, stainless steel blade and an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.

The wheel ensures a clean cut through crusts of any thickness without dragging cheese and toppings along.

  • Durability: The construction is often robust, which means I don’t have to worry about replacing it frequently.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Many models are dishwasher safe, simplifying the cleanup process.

Ooni Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade: The rocker blade is my go-to for larger pizzas, allowing me to leverage its long blade for one swift cut across the whole pizza.

  • Cutting Control: It gives me more control over the division of slices, which is especially helpful when I’m aiming for uniform slice sizes.
  • Versatility: Aside from cutting pizzas, I can use it for chopping herbs or slicing up large vegetables due to its wide blade.

Both of these tools are remarkable for their specific use cases and having them in my kitchen drawer has notably enhanced my pizza making and serving ritual.

Baking Perfection with Additional Cookware

When striving for baking perfection, I find that the additional cookware designed for Ooni pizza ovens elevates my cooking experience.

The right tools can make a significant difference, particularly when I’m working with specialty doughs and toppings.

Tools for Specialty Pizzas and Dishes

When making an Artichoke Pizza or dishes like Fajitas, I rely on specific accessories that are designed to withstand high temperatures and provide an even cook. Here are the tools that enhance my cooking experience:

  • Cast Iron Skillet: A pre-seasoned skillet is essential for me when I make fajitas in my Ooni oven. It retains heat wonderfully, ensuring that the meat and vegetables are cooked to perfection with that desirable sear.
  • Cast Iron Sizzler Pan: I use this versatile pan for cooking and serving a variety of dishes, including fajitas. It comes with a wooden base which makes it simple to transport from oven to table.
  • Perforated Pizza Peel: This tool is indispensable for handling specialty pizzas, like my artichoke pizza. The perforations allow any excess flour to fall away, preventing burning and ensuring a perfectly crisp base.

By investing in these additional cookware items, my Ooni oven does more than bake pizzas; it becomes a versatile cooking tool for a range of delicious dishes.

Maintaining Your Pizza Oven

In my experience, taking care of your Ooni pizza oven is crucial for ensuring its longevity and performance.

Regular maintenance is not just about cleanliness, but also about keeping every component, like the gas regulator, in top working order.

Regular Upkeep for Longevity

Gas Regulator Check: I make it a point to inspect the gas regulator regularly.

A gas regulator controls the flow of gas to the oven, and a malfunctioning one can lead to uneven heating or even pose safety risks.

To check if the gas regulator is working properly, I ensure the connection is secure and there’s no evident damage.

It’s wise to replace the regulator according to the manufacturer’s instructions or if you notice any inconsistencies in the gas flow.

Cleaning Routine:

  • After every use, I wait for the oven to cool down completely before brushing off any food residue or ash. This is also the perfect time to wipe down the exterior with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Once every few weeks, I perform a more thorough cleaning, taking care to remove any buildup on the oven’s stone. I avoid using soap or chemical cleaners on the stone.
  • Stainless steel components benefit from a specific cleaner to maintain their shine without causing any damage.

Storage: When my Ooni pizza oven is not in use, I protect it with a cover to shield it from the elements.

This is essential to prevent rust and to keep the oven clean from outdoor debris.

Seasonal Checks: I also recommend conducting seasonal checks to ensure that any small issues are caught before they become bigger problems, especially if the oven has been idle for a considerable period.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience with Ooni pizza ovens, customers often have a number of questions about how to best use and enhance their cooking experience with the right accessories. I’ll answer some of the most common queries below.

What are the essential tools I need for my Ooni pizza oven?

For my Ooni pizza oven, I find that a durable pizza peel, a robust oven brush for cleaning, and an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature are essential. These tools allow me to handle the dough effectively, maintain the oven, and cook my pizzas at the perfect temperature.

How can I improve my pizza-making experience with the right Ooni accessories?

To enhance my pizza-making, I use a turning peel for rotating the pizza inside the oven and a dough scraper to handle and clean the work surface. A cover for my Ooni oven also protects it from the elements, thereby extending its lifespan.

Which Ooni pizza peel is best for easy dough handling and baking?

I prefer using an aluminum peel with a heat-resistant handle as it’s lightweight and makes sliding pizzas into the oven effortless. They come in various sizes, so I choose one that matches the size of my Ooni oven.

What type of maintenance accessories should I consider for my Ooni oven?

I ensure that I have a good oven brush to keep the baking stone clean. Occasionally, maintaining the exterior of the oven with a non-abrasive cleaner helps keep it looking new.

Can you recommend a comprehensive accessory kit for a first-time Ooni user?

For first-time users, I suggest getting a kit that includes a pizza peel, oven brush, and an infrared thermometer. These items provide the basics needed to start making delicious pizzas right away.

Where can I find Ooni pizza oven accessories in my area?

I usually find Ooni accessories in specialty kitchen stores or directly from the Ooni website. Some local dealers also carry these accessories, and occasionally, large online retailers have them available as well.

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