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Pizzeria Review: Big Lou’s San Antonio

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Although not as big as Big Lou’s 42 incher, we found this 29″ one on Amazon. Will it fit in your oven? Who know? Will your family be able to eat all of it? I guarantee you that our family would be able to. Challenge accepted.

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Updated: December 2, 2022

Hi, my name is DK and my mother is a snowbird. Hi DK. What’s a snowbird, you may ask? A snowbird is a Minnesotan (or any northern state) resident who moves to a southern state (or country, for that matter) for expressed purpose of living in a warmer location during the winter months.

What does this mean for two innocent pizza connoisseurs who are not snowbirds? It means we get to help drive ol’ madre across the country twice a year. And stop at new pizzerias all along the way.

This year, we stopped at Big Lou’s Pizza in San Antonio, Texas. This was after Day Two of full-on driving with minimal stops for snacks. We were hungry. Their tagline is “informal pizzeria known for giant pies” and sold me immediately at giant pies.

big lous review outside the restaurant

Big Lou’s Location

Big Lou’s Pizza was located on a busy urban street that took a good amount of time to get to from our hotel during after work rush hour. Never knew San Antonio had such a traffic problem. But we can assume that’s the same everywhere, I suppose.

Their physical address is 2048 S W.W. White Road, San Antonio, Texas 78222 and their phone number is (210) 337-0707.

The outside of Big Lous San Antonio had the appearance of a huge blocky warehouse-type restaurant with a good sized parking lot. There wasn’t much going on in front, but a lot of signs pointing around back.

Seeing a lot of cars, we expected it to be pretty busy. But as we approached the building, it appeared like the majority of the cars were doing some sort of drive-thru to pick up their pizzas on the go. Maybe a tradition started during the pandemic?

homemade pizza school big lous review the back door

Big Lou’s San Antonio Atmosphere

In a word, the atmosphere of Big Lou’s Pizza is dark. Who knows what kinds of nefarious activities take place in the lowlight back rooms of this time-honored pizza establishment.

In a few words, the atmosphere is more like a sports bar than Big Lou would probably like to admit.

They had an outdoor seating patio area that nobody was sitting at and when we walked in we weren’t expecting it to be equally empty. There were a good number of cars in the parking lot. Where were they all sitting?

Lots of flashy neon beer signs and huge TV screens with different sports matches playing in every corner and up through the middle of the room. If you like sports, you’ll love

homemade pizza school big lous review the big green menu

The Big Lou’s Pizza Menu

The Big Lou’s menu was humongous. They cover every aspect of the Italian spectrum, including flat bread, garlic cheesy bread, pasta, wraps, and wings with dipping sauces. Wings are totally Italian, right?

As the Big Lous pizza review we read online said, they had some of the biggest pies we’ve ever seen in our travels. Up to 42 inches! A cheese only 42 incher cost over $75 and only went up from there as you added your toppings of choice. Dear lord, those have to be massive.

They also had speciality choices including white pizza and pan pizza.

The waiter wasn’t too interested in giving us recommendations and that was totally fine as we were tired and just wanted to stick with a normal sized pizza anyways.

homemade pizza school big lous review close up of the entire pizza

Our Big Lou’s Choice

Ultimately, we chose a 14″ pepperoni pizza. And we decided that this should be our standard choice whenever we try a new pizzeria and planning to write a review post about it. This is a way to scientifically compare all the many varieties.

big lous pizza review

Our Big Lous Pizza Review

We apologize for the poor photo quality of our pizza, but remember we said how dark it was in there?

Overall, our Big Lous Pizza review is highly favorable. It’s not the absolute best we’ve ever had, though. It came fast and hot and the crust was the standout win. It wasn’t necessarily a perfect leopard crust like Lily’s in Boston but it also wasn’t a thick meal like Infusino’s in Racine.

As for the sauce, cheese, and toppings, they weren’t too memorable. But the crust was able to fold and hold them all perfectly.

As we can see on Google, they’re ranked 4.4 out of 5 stars out of over 7,000 online reviews. Not too shabby.


The pizza crust was perfection! And the size choices were some of the biggest options we’ve ever seen around the world. If you have a large group or you yourself are a hearty eater, choose Big Lou’s Pizza.

big lou's pizza san antonio
As you can see, it was pretty dark in there


The atmosphere was the biggest letdown for a two person date. We recommend only going here with a large group of sports [and neon] lovers. That way, you can take advantage of ordering one of their biggest pies!

And by the way, if any of you have any fun or unique pizzerias that you’d like us to review on any of our travels, please contact us and let us know! Don’t let our Big Lous Pizza Review deter you from honest yet generous reviews of other places.

We’re going somewhere new at least a few times a year and are always looking for tasty treats on our journeys. Thanks! Our twice-a-year snowbird journey is MN to South Texas through Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Big Lous Pizza Review
homemade pizza school big lous review close up of the entire pizza

This year, we stopped at Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio, Texas. This was Day Two of full-on driving with minimal stops for snacks. We were hungry.

Address: 2048 S W.W. White Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78222, USA

Geo Coordinates: 29.394500, -98.403770

Phone Number: 210-337-0707

Price Range: $$

Serves Cuisine: Italian

Menu URL: https://biglouspizza-satx.com/menus/pizza/

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