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Updated: November 8, 2023

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7 Kid Friendly Pizza Toppings That Are a Hit

It’s no surprise that kids love pizza. They have pizza parties at school, family pizza nights, pizza birthday parties, and pizza post-sports games and events. For kids, pizza is everything.

Parents can find all kinds of pizza gifts for their little pizza lovers, like pizza games, pizza books, pizza blankets, and even a big pizza floaty. Pizzerias offer all kinds of kid-friendly pizza toppings to keep little bellies full.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kids love pizza and there are many pizza-themed gifts for them available, including pizza games, books, blankets, and even a large pizza floaty.
  • The top seven kid-friendly pizza toppings are: french fries, pepperoni, mini meatballs, mac and cheese, hot dogs, ham and pineapple, and taco meat.
  • Homemade kid-friendly pizzas are a great activity for kids, who can help mix ingredients and form mini meatballs, among all the other steps.
kid-friendly pizza toppings french fries on pizza
Photo by Shameel mukkath on Pexels

While we aren’t parents yet, we have plenty of little ones in our lives, from friends and family. So we know a thing or two about making kid-friendly pizzas with their favorite toppings. Here are the top seven kid friendly pizza topping ideas so you can be sure to keep the kids in your life happy on pizza night.

The Best Kid-Friendly Pizza Toppings

French Fries on Pizza

Potatoes as a pizza topping? You bet. Many chefs like to add thinly sliced potatoes to a white pizza with sprigs of rosemary and olive oil, but for kids, it’s best to cut those spuds into fries and fry them up with salt and add those straight to the pizza.

We are definitely on board with fries on pizza. And because we are from Minnesota, we’ll even put tater tots on pizza. Tater tots are so popular up here; from hot dish tater to casserole to tater tot pizza, potatoes are the ultimate comfort food for all ages.

We are surprised that we don’t see more french fries as a pizza topping in local pizzerias because the salt and the crunch mixed with gooey cheese and tangy tomato sauce is an excellent combo. We even saw french fries on pizzas in Italy.

If the kids in your life have never tried fries on their pizza, it’s time to be a hero and introduce them to their favorite new pizza topping.


kid-friendly pepperoni pizza
Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

Pepperoni is the number one pizza topping in the U.S. It’s spicy and smoky and widely available. It is probably one of the most kids friendly pizza toppings out there. We always have pepperoni on hand when we are making homemade kid-friendly pizza because it’s always a hit.

We are all kids at heart!

Sometimes we use traditional little pepperoni rounds; sometimes, we like a nice cup and char pepperoni, especially on a Detroit-style pizza. And sometimes, we like to mix it up and add artisanal pepperoni. Any way you slice it, pepperoni is the king of the pizza world.

Mini Meatballs on Pizza

Kids love miniature anything, from dolls and cars to snacks; miniature things make kids feel comfortable because they are kid-sized. And mini meatballs are the perfect kid-sized toppings for a kid-friendly pizza meatball pizza. You can buy frozen mini meatballs or make them yourself. Mini meatballs on pizza are a huge hit.

If you have a long weekend with your kids or nieces and nephews, try making mini meatballs together. Kids love to mix in the ingredients and form the meatballs. It is a great activity to keep little fingers busy, and at the end, you get to add them to pizza.

If your young ones really like meat, we recommend checking out our list of unusual meats to try on pizza. You never know, they just might love one (or many) of them!

Mac and Cheese on Pizza

bowl of mac and cheese
Photo by April Walker on Unsplash

Mac and cheese were one of the first things we learned to make as a kid. The classic blue box with powdered orange cheese is always a crowd-pleaser for kids and adults alike. A few of our favorite pizzerias already have the classic mac n cheese pizza on their menus.

We already looked at three different ways to add mac n cheese to a pizza. So the next time you are making pizza for your favorite little one, try adding this kid-friendly pizza topping, and you will become their favorite adult.

Hot Dogs on Pizza

Hot diggity dog, who doesn’t love a hotdog? Sliced in coins or chopped into pieces adding hot dogs to pizza is the perfect way to make a kid-friendly pizza. Hot dogs are available in every style, from beef to pork to chicken to tofu; you can definitely find a hot dog that will be perfect on a pizza.

If you are making homemade pizza for adults and kids, try adding hot dogs that are a little extra, like cheddar-filled dogs or jalapeño-filled dogs, for an extra oomph of goodness.

Mini corndogs are another kid-friendly topping for a fun pizza night. You can slide them off the stick and slice them as a topping or add them to the crust for a scrumptious bite. Corn dogs aren’t just for the county fair; you can add them to pizza, too.

Ham and Pineapple

kid-friendly ham and pineapple on pizza
Photo by Ellie. J on Unsplash

We know pineapple is controversial in the pizza snob world, but the combination of sweet pineapple and smoky ham is a popular kid favorite. You won’t catch the little ones discussing the history of pineapple on pizza or why the tangy tomato sauce is incorrect for the sweet flavor profile of the pineapple because they will be too busy with their mouths full to complain or add their two cents to the great pineapple on pizza debate.

Taco Meat

Many pizzerias add ground beef to their Supreme pizzas because it adds another layer of meaty goodness. Ground beef is excellent for a taco pizza, too. If you are running out of ideas for Taco Tuesday, try turning it into Taco Pizza Tuesday and see how excited your kids get.

Taco pizza is easy to make; just throw some ground beef and cheddar cheese on a crust and top with some iceberg lettuce and fresh tomato. The best part is adding a sprinkle of broken tortilla chips for a crunchy topping.

If you need a taco pizza and don’t have time to make pizza dough and roll out a crust, try making taco pizza on a tortilla, similar to Taco Bell’s famous taco pizza. Just heat up the tortilla and layer it with refried beans, ground beef, and cheddar, then add another tortilla on top with extra cheese, and you have yourself a simple taco pizza that is faster to make than taking a trip through the drive-thru.

If you have leftover ground beef or leftover hamburger patties, you can make a  hamburger pizza. Use a pizza crust or even a hamburger bun as a base ad some tomato sauce, hamburger, cheese, and pickles for an easy, kid-friendly pizza. This is so easy you can even let the little ones take over the kitchen and add their favorite burger toppings.

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly pizza toppings?

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