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Updated: November 8, 2023

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14 Amazing Pizza Gifts for 2022

We have gathered together some of our favorite pizza gifts for everyone in your life that loves pizza, from wee ones to full-grown adults. You will find a great pizza gift on this list. In past years, we also produced a list of gifts for pizza lovers and pizza themed gifts, but this time we’ve doubled down on uniqueness and uncommon gifts.

And the best day to give the gift of pizza is every February 9 – Happy National Pizza Day to you! Or maybe a gift to yourselves every single day of National Pizza Month, like Hanukkah. Another great gift idea would be pizza t-shirt or a unique pizza sign for all to see.

pizza gifts 2022 slices with orange background
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Unique Pizza Gifts Under $100

One of our new partners is an online marketplace called Uncommon Goods. And they’re offering $5 off for all new subscribers to their email list! Seriously, take advantage of the deal when buying your next pizza gifts…

pizza gifts under $100 pizza roullette cutting board

Pizza Roulette Cut & Serve Board


This wooden cut and serve board is more than just a serving board. It comes with a twist. Place your pizza on the board and cut the slices along the lines under each slice is a household chore that the person must do.

It is a fun way to get your family to help clean up. We think this is a great idea. And, the more slices a person takes, the more chores they have to do. It will make everyone want to share their pizza.

pizza gifts under $100 italian cheesemaking kit

Italian Cheesemaking Kit


We have made homemade mozzarella before and love how it turned out. This cheese-making kit has everything included but the milk. You can make ten batches of Italian cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and ricotta salata.

It is a great way to learn more about the cheese-making process and an excellent activity for the whole family. Use your homemade cheese on your next homemade pizza. This is truly one of the best pizza gifts around.

pizza gifts oven to table warming stone

Oven-to-Table Warming Stone


Ok, so this really is a cool idea. A pizza stone that you can use in the oven or on the grill and then place on the stand to keep the pizza warm on the table.

The tea lights keep the heat distributed evenly. If you entertain a lot, this is a great gift, and you can use it for more than just pizza. Keep appetizers and party snacks warm and guests happy.

pizza gifts 2022 make your own focaccia

Make Your Own Garlic Herb Focaccia Kit


An excellent gift for your friends who love to try new things is a focaccia-making kit. Focaccia bread is the warm thick, and doughy Italian bread that is heavy on olive oil and doesn’t disappoint. Use the kit to make some amazing bread and get creative and try your hand at making focaccia art with your favorite herbs and veggies.

pizza gifts old school steel pizza cutter

Old School Steel Pizza Cutter


If you make homemade pizza, then you really need a pizza cutter. This handmade pizza cutter is made from recycled steel by artist Steve Bronstein in Vermont. It’s creative and cool, and we love supporting artists. You could use any boring pizza cutter, but why would you when this is such a statement piece.

pizza gifts under $100 gourmet pesto

Gourmet Pesto Gift Set


Have you tried pesto on homemade pizza? Or as a dip for focaccia bread? This set of three artisanal pestos is so good. We have tried all three from the Classic set and love them all. This set is a great gift for the Italian food lovers in your life.

The Classic set had basil pesto, olive pesto, and sun-dried tomato pest. For your more adventurous friends, try the Chef’s set with sweet pepper pesto, artichoke lemon pesto, and arugula and pine nut pesto.

pizza gifts 2022 focaccia making class

Hot + Homemade: Focaccia with Marinara Sauce


Give the gift of knowledge to your friends and family with this culinary course. It’s a 90-minute course to learn how to make focaccia and marinara dipping sauce. It is a great gift for the couples in your life who love to have fun in the kitchen.

pizza gifts pizza dough class

Dinner + Dessert: Two Ways to Pizza


Another great culinary class for your friends and family. This is one of the pizza gifts that really keeps on giving. The vegan chef teaches you to make two pizzas, one sweet dessert pizza and one savory dinner pizza. The chef is vegan, but you can use real cheese, so if you don’t have any vegans in your life, you can give this gift to anyone.

The class lasts for 90 minutes, and three pizza dough mixes come with the course. It’s a fun class to get started making pizzas. If you are looking to gift a more comprehensive pizza course, check out our favorite pizza course here.

homemade pizza school pizza gifts 2022 gourmet pizza dough kit

Gourmet Pizza Dough Gift Set


If you prefer to gift the pizza dough mixes without taking the culinary class, you can get three different dough mixes. The deep dish dough is perfect for creating a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The Neapolitan dough makes a great classic pizza. And the Outdoor grill dough is excellent for grilling pizzas.

homemade pizza school pizza gifts 2022 global pizza seasoning kit

Global Pizza Seasoning Kit


Great for the pizza lover that loves to travel and try new things. This seasoning kit has 15 tins with all the spices, herbs, and blends you need to make five international pizzas and flatbreads, including Japanese Okonomiyaki pizza, Lebanese Falafel pizza, or Indian Chickpea pizza with Lime Raita.

The spices and recipes included will take you on a  trip around the globe with the unique new flavors. 

homemade pizza school pizza gifts 2022 baby pizza booties

Small Slice Pizza Booties


These handmade booties celebrate a love for pizza and tiny toes. The size is perfect for 6-12-month-olds, and they are so soft and fuzzy. Cute and creative, they come from Kyrgyzstan.

I think we’re actually going to order some of these for our friend who just had a baby!

homemade pizza school pizza gifts 2022 diy seed ball kit

DIY Seed Ball Kit


Have you always wanted to grow a pizza garden? Well, this kit makes it easy. It comes with organic Genovese basil, organic cherry tomato, organic arugula, and organic Greek oregano that you mix to make seed balls you can plant whenever you have space for your fresh pizza garden to grow.

This is one of our favorite pizza gifts on the list, and you bet we will be gifting this one soon.

homemade pizza school pizza gifts 2022 wooden pizza play set

Wooden Pizza Play Food Set


Do you have a very young aspiring pizzaiolo in your life? Then this is an excellent choice. This pizza play set lets the imagination take over, and your little one can play with these cold colorful pizza pieces.

Melissa & Doug are known for their creative and educational toys. Designed for three to five years olds to enhance their playtime.

homemade pizza school pizza gifts 2022 cat on pizza slice apron

Cat on a Pizza in Space Apron


Let’s face it, we all have a cat lover in our life. And, if your favorite cat lover is also a pizza fanatic, then this is the perfect gift. We love this apron. It’s a cat on a pizza in outer space. It’s purrfect. It’s a solid choice and one of our favorite pizza gifts on the list.

We’re confident you can find pizza gifts under $100 on this list for young or old, birthday or Christmas… the one thing we ALL have in common is our unique love for homemade pizza.

Wanna make it a gift to remember? A couple bonus ideas include a custom engraved pizza peel or personalized pizza charcuterie board.

What do you think of our favorite pizza gifts? Which ones will you be gifting this year?

Feel like going big? Buy a pizza oven! Affordable pizza ovens, mid-range pizza ovens, and high end pizza ovens. We even show you how to build a DIY brick pizza oven in your backyard.

One of our Favorites

We love rocker pizza cutters and this old school style steel cutter is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen! Have a friend who likes swords or knives who also loves pizza? Then this is the absolute perfect gift for them. Sharpen up your homemade pizza skills with this uncommon gift!

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