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Updated: May 16, 2023

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Pizza Warm At An Outdoor Party

Just because it’s winter and cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have an outdoor pizza party. You can still use your pizza oven in the winter. So, plan a pizza party and get everything ready.

Stock up on the best soda, beer, and wine to serve alongside your homemade pizzas, and get your pizza oven ready to go. We guarantee there are ways to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party!

There is only one little problem: we all know that pizza tastes best when it’s piping hot from the oven, but keeping the pizza hot is a challenge for every host. So, how do you keep all that pizza warm? Well, we have five easy ways to for you to try.

ways to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party on a pizza peel
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Easy Ways to Keep Pizza Warm at a Party

Table Warmers

The most elegant way to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party is with table warmers. This table warmer is an oven-to-table warming stone that comes with tea lights that keep the pizza warm.

This unique table warmer is made from cordierite, which is a natural mineral that radiates heat evenly. After cooking your pizza, simply place the pizza on the stone on its cast-iron stand, and it will keep your pizza warm throughout your outdoor party.

The table warmer includes tea lights that function to keep the pizza warm but also look pretty darn cool too.

homemade pizza warming stone

And if you have other appetizers like focaccia, pizza bagels, low-carb pizza snacks, or warm canapes, you can display them on this table warmer for a classy cocktail party feel while keeping them warm at the same time.

Pizza Stone

You probably already know that a pizza stone is a great investment to elevate your pizza-making skills. But we have another good reason you should have a pizza stone in your kitchen, and that is because they are great for keeping pizza warm.

Ideally, you will want to have two pizza stones, one for actually making pizza and one for setting the pizza on when it comes out of the pizza oven to keep it warm. 

If you are new to pizza stones, they are boards made from stone, clay, or ceramic material and are designed to hold heat in. You can find square pizza stones or round pizza stones, and they come in a variety of sizes.

When using them to make a pizza, you will heat the stone in the oven while you are preparing the pizza on a pizza peel, then transfer the pizza from the peel to the stone, which ensures that it bakes evenly.

To use the stone as a pizza warmer, just heat up the stone and place the prepared pizza on the stone. The stones hold heat much longer than a regular pizza pan and are one of the best ways to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party.

Insulated Bags

insulated bags ways to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party

You don’t have to be a pizza delivery person to get your hands on an insulated food bag, and these are excellent ways to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party.

The best way to use an insulated pizza bag is to place your cooked pizzas in pizza boxes and then put the pizza boxes in the insulated bags. Depending on how many pizzas you need for your outdoor party, you can opt for the right size bag for your outdoor pizza party needs.

We love these insulated bags for transporting homemade pizza, too. If you are taking your homemade pizza to a potluck, picnic, or road trip, your pizza will stay nice and warm until you are ready to dig in and enjoy it.

Chafing Dish

A buffet-style chafing dish is another one of the excellent ways to keep pizza warm at an outdoor party. Chafing dishes or trays are a way to heat food on an indirect heat stove which uses chafing fuel to heat a large shallow pan of water which subsequently heats a pan of food above.

Chafing trays are especially good for heating sliced pizza; just use your pizza cutter to slice up your homemade pizza and place slices in a chafing dish to make sure your pizza stays warm, and your guests stay happy.

This is an excellent solution if you have many different styles of pizza or pizza that is gluten-free or follows other dietary restrictions because it keeps the pizza separate in a buffet-style lineup.

Aluminum Foil

aluminum foil to keep homemade pizza warmer
Photo by Kier… in Sight on Unsplash

You can always go back to the basics and use aluminum foil to keep your pizza hot. This may not be the most sophisticated way to keep your homemade pizza warm, but it will do the trick.

The best way to use aluminum foil is the take two pieces of foil that are large enough for the entire pizza to fit on to make a base and then add another two pieces of foil that are an inch or two larger than your pizza to create a cover.

This method works best if the entire pizza stays covered and is then uncovered to eat all at once because every time you open the foil, the heat starts to escape.

While we wouldn’t recommend this as a reliable way to keep pizza warm, it will do in a pinch; if you have a car with seat warmers, you can use your seat warmers to keep pizza warm. We’ve heard this from a long-time pizza delivery driver as an important tip.

Of course, you will want the pizza in a box or wrapped in safe material, so your homemade pizza doesn’t ooze gooey cheese all over your nice seats. This impromptu pizza warmer will work if you find yourself craving a hot slice and need a way to keep your pizza warm.

And another problem we haven’t addressed yet is making sure to have your pizza cutter sharpened properly. Can’t have those pies without slices!

Which is your favorite way how to keep pizzas warm for a party? Did we miss any methods for how to keep pizza hot?

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